In Virginia for Thanksgiving.

We spent the holiday in Virginia with extended family, as is tradition. Three days in familiar rooms echoing the sounds of familiar voices, filling ourselves to the brim with familiar foods. There is great comfort in this, and now, more voices added to the mix. Having three babies around the table was blessing beyond expectation. We loved every chaotic minute. 



For the smell of onions cooking on the stove. Balsam candles, public transportation, meals with old friends and new. Garland and twinkle lights, hung with care. Family traditions, and the start of our own. Matching pajamas for the baby and his cousins. A dog, sleeping on the couch. Leather notebooks. Planned adventures. Tiny socks found all over the house. Six-month-old smiles, and the way he buries his head in my neck. Early morning drives. A husband bringing dinner. The ability to work from home. Grandmothers: his and mine. Texts about wedding plans. Ice cream with sisters. A favorite author, a new book. Warm sweatshirts on morning runs. A home, and the work that goes into making it.


Breakfast date.

My mom picked up Hugo a little early on Thursday morning, leaving us some time to grab breakfast before the day began. I went for a run and met up with Blake at a coffee shop downtown, where we ate egg sandwiches and I thought about how far we've come since this breakfast date a year and a half ago. 

I love you so, Lawrence Blake. I'm enormously thankful that we're on the same adventure. 


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

Gus here. Oh, you forgot about me? It's fine. Everyone does these days. That giraffe in the foreground of this photo gets more attention than I do. Look how smug he is.

It's clear that my parents are feeling guilty about it, because when they do stop to pay attention, it's in the most preposterously over-the-top ways. I think mom hugged me for 10 minutes the other day, just after feeding me nearly half a bag of treats. Not that I'm complaining about it, but I think we can all agree that close snuggles and pumpkin spice gummy treats do not go hand-in-hand.

Also, do you know that my mom needs to sing about every single thing she does these days? Honestly, it's embarrassing. If I have to hear one more song about a diaper change, I'm taking all my toys and moving to the garage.

In better news, the baby is starting to eat real food now, and he's terrible at keeping it off the floor.

Sniffs and licks,


From this morning.

A six-month-old boy asleep in our bed, a pup snoring quietly on the couch, pumpkin muffins cooling on the counter, sunshine defrosting the world and an impromptu family photo, since it seemed like everyone might cooperate.


Working parent status report.

Over and out. 

Note: Not a fair representation of how things are going, since Hugo leaves to spend time with his grandmothers before 9 every morning. Thank goodness, because I get very little done with Captain Handsy around.


Weekend in the city.

I worked from my office on Friday (a day I'm not normally in the city), so we made a weekend out of it. Blake and Hugo came in that night, and we spent Saturday wandering and soaking up the perfect weather. 

We didn't get much rest, since baby suddenly decided he's not crazy about sleeping in new places, but who needs sleep anyway? Not I, said the mother of the five month old. We'll sleep in four or five years. 
^^Hugo is such a ham these days. I love it.^^


From the last week.

^^a pup, acting as my assistant for a day.^^
^^a run with my mama on a cold October morning to support Rotary.^^
^^a baby in a laundry basket.^^
^^and one that fell asleep at brunch.^^
^^the three greatest gifts.^^
^^and a foggy morning on the green, taking my breath away.^^


From a walk to the subway.

Sometimes it's like she's trying to lure me back, sunset by sunset.