To close out the season.

The last of our Christmas celebrations...
^^a (blurry) walk around Columbus Circle, all aglow.^^
 ^^a pup, napping at every opportunity.^^
 ^^Our nugget in Christmas jammies.^^
 ^^a wave to mama.^^
 ^^headed to infinity and beyond, as soon as his nap is over...^^
 ^^a brunch for my parents and grandparents.^^
 ^^a game night with Blake's family.^^
 ^^decorations still going strong, well after the fact.^^
 ^^Christmas dinner.^^
 ^^and Grandmum's cookies, always.^^
 ^^a tiny person, snooping.^^
^^Christmas morning at my parents'.^^
 ^^and one last look at the Christmas jammies, because he's delicious.^^


From Christmas.

It was our baby's first Christmas, and while I'm kind of kicking myself over the fact that I only took a handful of photos, I suppose that's how it should be. We got lost in the memory-making.


Christmas in July.

December is being a real weirdo and playing some tricks on us, but shame on me if I ever complain about 60 degree temperatures in the winter.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, pretties! We are positively giddy over here.


From our weekend.

 ^^snuggles. as often as possible.^^
 ^^Christmas movies on repeat. and so much laundry.^^
 ^^Sunday morning pancakes.^^
 ^^a little boy, thrilled that he's about to get breakfast.^^
 ^^a walk around New Haven before church.^^
 ^^Yale, too.^^
^^and Christmas cookies, by the dozen.^^


Seven months.

This is the very best stage. I'm convinced.

(video courtesy of my mama.)


Meeting Santa.

Honestly, I don't remember visiting Santa when I was a kid - it wasn't something my parents heavily reinforced, and we're still not sure how we're going to approach the subject when Hugo is old enough to understand. But this year! This year, we are first-time parents, and we did as first-time parents do. 

And Hugo, outgoing child that he is, just charmed the heck out of Santa and his posse.
Proof that these were taken at our town hardware store (which is as cute as can be and dates way back to 1858): the random sheep acting as Santa's assistant. 


Small Group Christmas Party.

We kept Hugo up past his bedtime last night so that he could make an appearance at my small group's (plus significant others) Christmas party. We missed it last year because we were traveling, so I was eager to make it work - commutes and fatigue disregarded.

And will you look at these beauties? They are what made NYC home to us, and we love them for it.



^^dinner at the Charles Hotel following wedding dress shopping for our girl, and just autumn, putting out the most beautiful carpet of leaves.^^
 ^^a boy's first shoes. egg sandwiches, any time we can.^^
 ^^accidental twinning at work and a trip to the National Zoo.^^
 ^^boy and bulldog and trees welcomed on every street corner.^^
 ^^Gus, taking in the light of our living room tree and Hugo, joining us for the tree lighting on our town green.^^
 ^^Christmas displays all over town. a fresh coconut at work, just because.^^
 ^^sitting like a big boy, as proud as can be. more beauty from a morning run.^^
^^college roomies: baby edition, and a dog in his boy's room.^^


A Christmas tree.

Last weekend, we set out to find the perfect tree for baby's first Christmas, and I dare say we succeeded. Meet Susan, the prettiest tree there ever was, and a welcome addition to our living room for the month of December (plus at least half of January, if we're being honest).


Around the table.

Some of my favorite faces, all congregated around a riveting game of Thanksgiving bingo. These are the moments that make me feel like the richest person in the world.