To close out the season.

The last of our Christmas celebrations...
^^a (blurry) walk around Columbus Circle, all aglow.^^
 ^^a pup, napping at every opportunity.^^
 ^^Our nugget in Christmas jammies.^^
 ^^a wave to mama.^^
 ^^headed to infinity and beyond, as soon as his nap is over...^^
 ^^a brunch for my parents and grandparents.^^
 ^^a game night with Blake's family.^^
 ^^decorations still going strong, well after the fact.^^
 ^^Christmas dinner.^^
 ^^and Grandmum's cookies, always.^^
 ^^a tiny person, snooping.^^
^^Christmas morning at my parents'.^^
 ^^and one last look at the Christmas jammies, because he's delicious.^^

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