The Aquarium.

On an uncharacteristically warm weekend in January, we went on a family date to the Mystic Aquarium, where we introduced Hugo to the whales. The fish had the greatest attraction for him, which made us think we might have saved some money and had the same impact in taking him to the pet store, but we still got a kick out of it. And we followed up the adventure with some amazing pizza in Mistick Village, so a win overall, I'd say.

And we hadn't been to the Aquarium since Blake's 19th birthday (I know, I know. Are we the coolest, or what?), so we were pretty pleased to be back with a nugget in tow.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are.



Things I never want to forget:
*a tiny Hugo, bundled to the brim.
*the softest blanket of snow as far as the eye can see.
*hunting down a sled at the hardware store down the street.
*sprouted waffles with my parents, and my mom's bird-watching chair.
*Gus, so giddy that his back legs can hardly keep up with his front.
*Blake, with a shovel in the drive (manual labor can be dreamy).
*the sound of baby laughter, and the way he throws his head back when he smiles.



 ^^we've been putting Hugo to bed a bit earlier so that we can have some adult time, and we've taken advantage of every warm winter day.^^
 ^^Hugo has mastered the art of hide-and-seek (and eating dust bunnies) and Gus has not quite mastered the art of maintaining personal space.^^
 ^^Buzz Lightyear received one well-deserved bath and Hugo unsuccessfully went in for a kiss.^^
 ^^we've been exhausting all of the children's books that rhyme, and Gus continued to do Gus.^^
 ^^I ran a 5K on the first day of the year (4th place for women in their 20s! no one was more surprised than me) and winter sunrises from my morning commute have been taking my breath away.^^
 ^^we've been doing all of the new parent things and snuggling our babies (human and canine) obsessively.^^
 ^^old friends have stopped by for quick visits, as has the snow.^^
^^and this mama gig is suiting me juuust fine.^^


On the first snowy morning of the year.

We woke to a dusting of white, quickly bundled our baby and took to the backyard to breathe it all in.


Around here.

 ^^a bulldog naps.^^
 ^^plans are being hatched.^^
^^a baby moves on to a bigger crib.^^
^^a bed-nest is made (the only perk to having a bed-nest-hating husband away on business).^^
^^workouts move inside with the advent of winter.^^



Headline: Baby meets some of his mama's very best friends from college, is covered in kisses and pees himself in excitement. 
Subhead: Amateur parents forget to bring baby change of clothes during 12 hour day trip. 


Dear baby boy.

You are seven months old now, almost eight. Full of life and words (or almost words) and joy. Oh my goodness, the joy. I am so eager to uncover the light behind that joy, the little pieces that make you so wonderfully you.

Lately, you've started to pick up books. Pat the Bunny is a favorite, for obvious reasons, and you turn it over and over in your hands on your bedroom floor. You like the feel of it, but one day I hope you share this same awe of language, and what it can do. There are adventures to be had in stories, and you'll spend all of life telling your own. It's my great privilege to play a part.

I've found myself thinking about how I, and we, will shepherd or not shepherd that story. What we will encourage of your life. Where we will step in and speak, and where we'll step back and watch. There is no true landing on these matters, I'm afraid. There is only the process of loving, and opening our fists to release the things we cannot control.

Here is what I know: you are full of possibility, I love you fiercely, and the best is yet to come.


A walk to Wollman.

To kick off the first full week of the year, we headed into the city for church, Fred's and a walk to Wollman Rink. This area of the park always reminds me of Love Story (heartbreaking, but one of my favorites), and how much I love this beautiful city.

Also, Hugo is seriously keeping us on our toes at the table these days. He needs to touch all. of. the. things. Next on our list: baby-proofing.


Happy New Year!

We rang in 2016 (or came pretty close...) in the company of Blake's college friends just outside of Providence. 

2015 was a big one for us - a year full of change and uncertainty and sleeplessness and more love than we could ever put into words.

*In January, we braved snowstorms, anticipated the birth of our little boy and celebrated the halfway point on my pregnancy with massages.
*In February, we drove an enormous truck for a week, passed Valentine's Day simply, and I spent a lot of time at work.
*In March, our mamas threw a baby shower for us, we put together a nursery area in our room, and went on a babymoon to St. Thomas.
*In April, we spent most weekends in the city, I started working from home pretty regularly (that belly!) and we hosted Easter brunch for Blake's family at my parents' house.
*In May, Hugo Henry joined our family and we spent much of the latter half of the month recovering at home. We also spent Memorial Day weekend at my parents' house.
*In June, we celebrated my 26th birthday, our 5th anniversary and introduced Hugo to a few of our dearest friends.
*In July, we took Hugo to our hometown's parade and the Museum of Natural History, and Gus turned four
*In August, we flew to California to explore the southern coast and visit Disneyland. We also celebrated Blake's 28th birthday and had a reunion weekend with Blake's college roommates.
*In September, we moved into a house in a sweet little town, went to the town fair and spent time with my oldest friend. I also went back to work at the beginning of the month.
*In October, we headed to the mountains with friends, I helped Loo find her wedding dress, and we spent a lot of time taking photos of our dog and baby in Halloween costumes.
*In November, we enjoyed a weekend in the city as the leaves changed, Gus and Hugo really invested in their friendship and we headed down to DC for Thanksgiving with my family.
*In December, we went to a few holiday parties, Hugo met Santa and we soaked up every minute of our baby's first Christmas

Sad to see you go, 2015, but we're ready to take 2016 by storm. Happy New Year, lovelies.