Happy New Year!

We rang in 2016 (or came pretty close...) in the company of Blake's college friends just outside of Providence. 

2015 was a big one for us - a year full of change and uncertainty and sleeplessness and more love than we could ever put into words.

*In January, we braved snowstorms, anticipated the birth of our little boy and celebrated the halfway point on my pregnancy with massages.
*In February, we drove an enormous truck for a week, passed Valentine's Day simply, and I spent a lot of time at work.
*In March, our mamas threw a baby shower for us, we put together a nursery area in our room, and went on a babymoon to St. Thomas.
*In April, we spent most weekends in the city, I started working from home pretty regularly (that belly!) and we hosted Easter brunch for Blake's family at my parents' house.
*In May, Hugo Henry joined our family and we spent much of the latter half of the month recovering at home. We also spent Memorial Day weekend at my parents' house.
*In June, we celebrated my 26th birthday, our 5th anniversary and introduced Hugo to a few of our dearest friends.
*In July, we took Hugo to our hometown's parade and the Museum of Natural History, and Gus turned four
*In August, we flew to California to explore the southern coast and visit Disneyland. We also celebrated Blake's 28th birthday and had a reunion weekend with Blake's college roommates.
*In September, we moved into a house in a sweet little town, went to the town fair and spent time with my oldest friend. I also went back to work at the beginning of the month.
*In October, we headed to the mountains with friends, I helped Loo find her wedding dress, and we spent a lot of time taking photos of our dog and baby in Halloween costumes.
*In November, we enjoyed a weekend in the city as the leaves changed, Gus and Hugo really invested in their friendship and we headed down to DC for Thanksgiving with my family.
*In December, we went to a few holiday parties, Hugo met Santa and we soaked up every minute of our baby's first Christmas

Sad to see you go, 2015, but we're ready to take 2016 by storm. Happy New Year, lovelies.

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