^^we've been putting Hugo to bed a bit earlier so that we can have some adult time, and we've taken advantage of every warm winter day.^^
 ^^Hugo has mastered the art of hide-and-seek (and eating dust bunnies) and Gus has not quite mastered the art of maintaining personal space.^^
 ^^Buzz Lightyear received one well-deserved bath and Hugo unsuccessfully went in for a kiss.^^
 ^^we've been exhausting all of the children's books that rhyme, and Gus continued to do Gus.^^
 ^^I ran a 5K on the first day of the year (4th place for women in their 20s! no one was more surprised than me) and winter sunrises from my morning commute have been taking my breath away.^^
 ^^we've been doing all of the new parent things and snuggling our babies (human and canine) obsessively.^^
 ^^old friends have stopped by for quick visits, as has the snow.^^
^^and this mama gig is suiting me juuust fine.^^

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