One weekend in March.

Just a few photos from earlier in the month, primarily from the town's dog festival held to raise money for a new dog park. Scooby Doo was there (why wouldn't he be?), and Gus nearly lost his mind. That's not a real dog. Gus knows better.

And now, spring is springing all over the place, including the magnolia tree just outside of our bedroom windows. I feel like I should apologize in advance, because I'm going to be talking about this tree until the season is over. But dang it, I've never been so excited about nature.


Easter Sunday.

A few photos from our Easter Sunday with family. Egg hunts, lots of pastel and more than enough ricotta pie to go around.

More than anything, it was a celebration of the greatest hope and deepest joy. He is risen!


From a work event.

The culmination of much effort, and what a celebration it was. 


Mountain View Grand.

This past weekend, we headed north to the mountains. We stayed at the Mountain View Grand, a beautiful historic resort with a small farm on property, long bookshelf-lined corridors and beds just perfect for an afternoon read. We swam in the pool by day and listened to the lobby pianist by night, and the sunrise from our windows took my breath away. We're already charting a return trip. 


Take note.

Shame on me if I ever stop recognizing the gift of a long walk in the West Village, the beat of a familiar song in my ears, the sunset turning everything it touches to glitter.


From a rainy Monday.

*enjoying: the warmer days, the longer light in the evening, the sound of raindrops on windowsills. 
*making: food for baby, plans for one special girl's bridal shower.
*eating: fruits and greens and chocolate by the handful (I can't have the stuff in the house).
*preparing: for the walking stages, with all of our fragile belongings moved to safer ground. 
*working: on a really cool project for a client, and eager to see it come to life next week. 
*listening: to Greg Laswell radio, which brings me back to my first year out of college and all the newness of New York. 
*watching: The Last Man on Earth, Scrubs, The Bachelor (shamelessly). 
*running: around town three or four mornings a week, and fully appreciating that I'm not as top-heavy as I was last spring. 
*reading: The Lake House (Kate Morton gets me every time), French Kids Eat Everything and The Charisma Myth.
*thinking: about an upcoming weekend in the mountains. 
*anticipating: the day when Hugo no longer falls asleep next to me after nursing in the morning (and tearing a little at the thought). 


Early spring.

This week, spring came to the country and the city. We got wrapped up in it (and in our work - thus the silence in this space), throwing open doors and windows to rid ourselves of the heavy air of winter.


Dear baby boy.

One day, I will think back to how I pulled little pieces of spaghetti off of walls and thigh rolls and the sides of the bathtub. How your fuzzy hair looked in the morning - sweaty and unkempt. The way you started to form a word that sounded like "mama", and I craved the sound more intensely than any pregnancy craving. The way you turned into my neck when you were scared, but for the most part, how very brave you were. You have a perseverant soul - one that fans into larger flame by the day.


From Disney.

More baby spam from our trip to Disney World earlier this week, narrowed down to ten photos. Major accomplishment, considering the fact that I needed to delete half the apps on my phone to make room for more photos while we were down there...
^^Hugo is learning how to give kisses, and it's my VERY FAVORITE THING.^^


A mini-cation.

We just got back from a quick trip to Florida, and Hugo's first Disney World visit (because obviously). I can't rationally explain how we ended up making the last-minute decision to go, but I'm so glad we did. It was pure magic.

More to come!