Dear baby boy.

One day, I will think back to how I pulled little pieces of spaghetti off of walls and thigh rolls and the sides of the bathtub. How your fuzzy hair looked in the morning - sweaty and unkempt. The way you started to form a word that sounded like "mama", and I craved the sound more intensely than any pregnancy craving. The way you turned into my neck when you were scared, but for the most part, how very brave you were. You have a perseverant soul - one that fans into larger flame by the day.


  1. Stevie - He is SO precious! I wish so badly that he and Barrett could have a play date. :) Isn't being the momma to a little boy the most amazing job in the entire world? There are no words. <3

    1. So good to hear from you, Sara! Ditto. Would love to get the boys together. And CONGRATS on baby girl. Very, very exciting time for you.


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