On the back porch.

We won't live in our little yellow house forever (kind of breaks my heart), but while we do, I'm planning to spend every mildly warm evening on our back porch. After spending so much time on the porch of the house where I grew up, it feels like a rite of passage to have our own outdoor space. With a fire pit and string lights, to boot! Home Depot loves us right now.


Class of 2037.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed up to Providence to see some of Blake's college friends and walk around Providence College, his alma mater. Blake's college roommate (still one of his dearest friends) had a baby boy less than four months after us, so we love getting together and encouraging/forcing the friendship ;) Class of 2037 college roommates? Yes?

Hope you had a great weekend!


For a Thursday morning.

"My little beast, my eyes, my favorite stolen egg. Listen. To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know. In perfect stillness, frankly, I've only found sorrow." 
- Barbara Kingsolver


From an April weekend.

A weekend for:
*a long walk in Central Park, with popcorn springing up on every other tree.
*patio setup - string lights, tiki torches, and a new fire pit.
*our church in the city, which recently started their Rise campaign - an incredible vision for the city that we're so inspired by and eager to support where we can.
*a Saturday morning run followed by brunch at The Marketplace (per usual... don't ask us how much we eat there).
*shopping for a baby's first birthday party.
*pizza from my dad's brick oven, and talks with a sister.
*and a lazy Friday night in: couch conversations, a glass of wine and the shows we missed from the week.



Or mostly just baby photos, because that's all my phone has room for these days...
 ^^Hugo, banished to the hallway because he can't behave himself in church.^^
 ^^a few days warm enough for barefoot babies in the yard.^^
 ^^and a baby's St. Patrick's Day lunch. pretty proud of all of that green.^^
 ^^early morning runs on the reservoir.^^
^^and one more from our trip to New Hampshire, from where we drank hot cider and watched the sun set.^^
^^a quick stop to dip our own candles.^^
^^an unexpected (but beautiful) snow.^^
^^and one weeknight date in the city, just me and Blake.^^
^^new patio furniture, to kick off the season.^^
^^a new sidewalk, and a boy who likes to watch the trucks.^^
^^some light reading for an afternoon.^^
^^and the kind of moments that make me want lots and lots of babies.^^
^^one from our date the other day - a trip to the library, a stop for a smoothie, swings on the beach.^^
^^blooms in Central Park, all purples and pinks and creams.^^
^^and swim lessons with a boy who is nearly busting out of his swim diaper.^^


Up to Concord.

Over the weekend, we headed up to Massachusetts to meet with Loo and Chris. I don't think we've wandered Concord since we lived locally, which feels like a lifetime ago. But here we are with a baby in tow, planning for Loo's and Chris's wedding. It's all feeling a bit like a Joni Mitchell song.


Status report: Hugo and Gus.

Almost five years ago - before we even had Gus - I wrote about my dream of having a child who enjoys sitting in his bulldog's bed. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived.

While Hugo and Gus aren't the closest of friends yet (Gus did chew apart one of Hugo's personalized wooden toys the other day...), their relationship is getting better by the day. Or at least Gus no longer shakes whenever Hugo is around, so that's something.

And if you're wondering - yes, we first latched onto the name "Hugo" from the video in that 2011 post, later giving our son the name for so many other reasons. ;)



One magnolia tree in mid-bloom.
One baby's first experience with early spring. 
One terribly happy woman, falling in love with all of it. 


Out like a lamb.

A night in a friend's new rooftop lounge and a long morning run to toast the end of one season and to ring in another. There's so much I miss about living in the city, but I can't help but feel like I'm living the best of two worlds at the moment, and my heart is at home in both.