Or mostly just baby photos, because that's all my phone has room for these days...
 ^^Hugo, banished to the hallway because he can't behave himself in church.^^
 ^^a few days warm enough for barefoot babies in the yard.^^
 ^^and a baby's St. Patrick's Day lunch. pretty proud of all of that green.^^
 ^^early morning runs on the reservoir.^^
^^and one more from our trip to New Hampshire, from where we drank hot cider and watched the sun set.^^
^^a quick stop to dip our own candles.^^
^^an unexpected (but beautiful) snow.^^
^^and one weeknight date in the city, just me and Blake.^^
^^new patio furniture, to kick off the season.^^
^^a new sidewalk, and a boy who likes to watch the trucks.^^
^^some light reading for an afternoon.^^
^^and the kind of moments that make me want lots and lots of babies.^^
^^one from our date the other day - a trip to the library, a stop for a smoothie, swings on the beach.^^
^^blooms in Central Park, all purples and pinks and creams.^^
^^and swim lessons with a boy who is nearly busting out of his swim diaper.^^

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