Hugo Henry turns one.

Between work and life, we've been a bit crazed over here. This space is suffering for all of the best reasons, but it lives on (six years later!) as a place to capture some of the things that bring us joy, keep us up at night, light a fire within.

And Hugo Henry. One day, I hope this is a space that reminds him how much he's loved - by his parents and by so many others. A year ago, he rocked our world, making it larger and smaller in one breath. He is sunshine personified - all smiles and curiosity and noise. A new reason for us to build bigger, dream wilder.

On Saturday, we celebrated his bold little spirit. Over cake and Mickey cards, we welcomed the coming year. I can't help but feel like the toddler years are going to be some of the best.

Bonus: we're not starting this year with mind-numbing sleep deprivation. Woot!
We love you, pigeon. Happy birthday.

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