Our family, from May.

 ^^lately, Hugo has been "vrooming" his trucks everywhere, which is the most endearing thing in the world for everyone but Gus.^^
 ^^yesterday morning, this kid catapulted himself off of our couch and landed face-first on his toys, which resulted in an anxiety-provoking gash between his eyes. but will you look at him? HH is a champ. he does his own stunts.^^
 ^^too close for comfort, per usual.^^
 ^^and a date night, in honor of it being warm enough to eat outside!^^
 ^^my grandparents got Hugo a little pool for his birthday, which he has enjoyed climbing in and out of 356 times. that's the actual calculation.^^
 ^^mah babies.^^
 ^^and more wagon rides! we can't get enough!^^
 ^^the other morning, I caught Gus snuggling with his stuffed animal (L'il Sebastian). a rare sighting, and one that always comes with Gus's guilty look.^^
 ^^this, from a morning run. mornings around here are just unreal.^^
 ^^and one more from Hugo's birthday spread. thanks to my mama and MIL for helping us cook/bake/microwave!^^
^^would you believe that the farm down the road has a rather serious donkey festival each year? we saw it in the flesh (err, fur? hair? I'M HILARIOUS.), and forced our offspring to pet this mangy creature.^^ 
 ^^please tell me we can pull this off for at least 10 more years.^^
 ^^more of the Park, going overboard on charm.^^
^^this loveliness, from a client event.^^
 ^^and some post-birthday cleanup. now that he's one, he needs to start pulling his own weight around here. 
but in all seriousness, he's definitely pulling garbage OUT of the trash in this photo. can't remember what, but i'm sure it was something disgusting and difficult to clean off his hands. he has a special eye for those ;)^^

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