Taking stock.

*enjoying: green, and lots of it. spring is doing amazing things around here.
*reading: When Breath Becomes Air, which destroyed me. crying on Metro North kind of destruction. but so, so good.
*planning: Hugo Henry's first birthday party, and trying to figure out how we're going to get his birthday hat to stay on his head (answer: we're not.).
*eating: less refined sugar! I've banned it during the week, which has been a little rough.
*anticipating: a date tonight, with dinner and a show; the fact that we're doing both is really rocking my world.
*appreciating: mamas, in all forms.
*working: on 2017 brand strategies. my favorite time of year (not sarcasm).
*holding: a little boy's hand while he nurses, and thinking about how much he's grown in the last year.
*running: the familiar routes - through our little town, by the fairgrounds and around the Reservoir.
*listening: to Hamilton, pretty much nonstop.
*feeling: blessed by friendships, and fortunate to have more time to invest there in the last month.

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