Mammoth Mountain.

Only 500 photos from Mammoth Mountain, because moderation should really be reserved for other areas of life. And don't you worry - we're not even halfway done with the photos from this trip. How many photos is too many to take in one week? Don't know, don't care. 
^^here's little HH on his way to the mountain with "cooka" (a.k.a. Cookie Monster). Ask me how many times I vroomed his airplane as a distraction on our six hour car ride. Hint: the number exceeds the number of photos I took on the trip.^^
^^we stopped at the Lone Pine Film History Museum, and I never felt more like my father's daughter. Hugo mostly appreciated the steps in front of a few of the exhibits. and the chance to air out those chunker thighs.^^
^^and here's an exhibit. just in: this is the most exciting blog on the internet.^^
^^and then we arrived! we stayed at the Village Lodge, which was pretty wonderful in that it looks suspiciously like this other lodge. basically how I got Blake to take the trip.^^
^^see what I mean?^^
^^on our first full day, we hiked to a nearby waterfall (a speck in this photo). when we first got out of the car we thought we might blow off the mountain/freeze to death. but we're real daredevils (not really) and tested our luck, which actually played to our advantage. as soon as we had tree cover, the hike was great.^^
^^nearly frozen. still smiling.^^
^^rewarded. HH was totally thrilled.^^
 ^^we also stopped at the nearby Horseshoe Lake.^^

 ^^in the afternoon, we took the gondola up to the top of Mammoth Mountain. now, before you go racing to these gorgeous views, I would encourage you to ask yourself a few questions: are you afraid of heights? even a little bit? maybe a little more so if you're in a tiny glass box hanging from cables and blowing in the wind? if you answer "yes" to any of these questions, you might consider alternative, ground-based adventures. no one will judge you.^^
^^but if, like me, you prefer to ignore your God-given self-preservation instincts, line right up! the gondola is for you. make sure you bring your baby along to add an extra sprinkle of terror.^^
 ^^still, I guess it's *kind of* pretty at the top.^^
^^HH agreed. he's very brave.^^

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