Yosemite Valley.

I can hardly put into words how beautiful all of Yosemite was. The round trip from our hotel in Mammoth Mountain was about five hours, but the scenery makes it more than worth it. I'd do it over a million times. Looking back through these photos already has me itching to return.
^^from the base of Yosemite Falls.^^
^^from the drive out^^
^^a thorough appreciation for waterfalls. it's genetic.^^
^^that grin. I can't even handle it.^^
 ^^in the stroller or on the shoulders at all times. Blake is the very best dad.^^
 ^^Mirror Lake, which doubles as Mirror Meadow in late summer.^^
 ^^and part of Vernal Falls, which was at the end of a pretty nutty hike up a mountain. not for strollers, but again, caution was not the name of our game on this trip.^^

One last series of trip photos coming your way this week! For our next trick, we bring baby down a dangerous dirt road to a ghost town in the middle of the desert. Blake and Stevie hold their breath for thirty minutes and win "Parents of the Year" award.

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