Of New York.

Some days, this city swallows me. Scatters my focus. Fills me to the brim with ideas that keep me up, wheels turning. 

And then this. Suddenly, it's one of the loveliest places on earth. My escape and my "welcome home". 


First Model T ride.

I grew up in this car - on Model T tours with the Model T Club of America (yes, it exists), on drives down by the beach, the local parade on the 4th, reading Henry Ford's biography to my dad from the back seat as he restored it. Once, our family was on the front page of a local paper up in Prince Edward Island, all of us smack dab in the middle of our awkward stages. Car looked good, though.

This weekend, Hugo went for his first ride. It felt like the start of something wonderful.


After dinner, at the beach.

After dinner the other night, we headed down to the local beach. A welcome reprieve when the whole country feels like it's swimming in soup these days.

Hugo and I walked out into the ocean until it covered our legs and bellies, a giant grin on his face the whole time. Lover of water, he is not, but we make exceptions for the sea.

He's getting so big lately, and gained the confidence to walk a couple of weeks ago. He looks like a little duck from behind - a toddler waddle and blonde curls spilling to his shoulders. He bruised his leg a bit from a fall the other day, and I'm not foolish enough to think that'll be the last of the injuries resulting from his wild, adventurous, little boy spirit. Today, at least, I'm lucky enough to be his safe place, his reading spot, his boat in the ocean.


Gus turns five.

We celebrated Gus's fifth birthday this weekend. A cake bone and lots of snuggles for the sweetest pup on the planet. Since we picked him up from an Amish farm out in Pennsylvania back in 2011, he's become such a wonderful part of our family.

We love you, little chunk. Happy, happy birthday!


A July bridal shower.

This weekend, my mom and I hosted a bridal shower for Loo (aka, Rachel), one of my oldest and dearest friends. I choke up a bit when I try to articulate how much I love this girl, and how excited I am for her to take on this new chapter with Chris. They are so good for each other. 

Also, my abs are destroyed from all the laughing we did on Friday and Saturday. There's nothing like old friends to remind you how stunningly awkward you were in middle school. Between the math olympics, homemade commercials/music videos/murder mysteries, and a series of poor fashion choices (chokers, camo shorts, plaid pants, oh my.), it defies all human logic that we grew into successful adults. 


Mono Lake, Bodie and Hot Springs.

The last of the photos from our trip out to California and Nevada! Here they are...
 ^^Mammoth Mountain is just a short drive from Mono Lake, so we stopped by a few times. It's a pretty fascinating place. The water is alkaline because of the high salt concentration, which causes some gorgeous tufa rock formations along the rim. There's also a small dark island in the middle of the lake that resulted from an underwater volcanic eruption years and years (and years) ago.^^
 ^^Hugo was a big fan.^^
 ^^and here's the view from our room's balcony. currently trying to teleport back.^^
 ^^and Bodie! maybe my favorite part of the trip, this is an old ghost town that we drove nine miles down a terrifying dirt road to get to. you can read about it here.^^
^^and finally, on our last day in California, we visited the Hot Creek Geologic Site. incredible. I'm so glad we didn't pass it up. the water is so hot, it actually boils, and it's the most beautiful shade of blue.^^

We loved you, Yosemite and Mammoth Mountain! Pretty sure you haven't seen the last of us. 


Weekend in the Berkshires.

This weekend, we headed up to the Berkshires for our annual reunion with Blake's college roommates. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen and chasing babies - one of whom has recently learned how to walk (!!). We also spent an afternoon out at Tanglewood before the rains came, listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the lawn while Hugo picked his peanut butter puffs out of the grass. 

And Davis Room (number that we forget) maintains its title as the Best College Squad of All Time. 
^^a little blurry, but Hugo's face in this photo. he's like, "hang on now. who is this other baby?"^^
^^plopped himself right in this chair as the concert started.^^
^^one morning, I ran into NY from MA (we stayed only half a mile from the border), and felt just like Forrest Gump.^^
 ^^please notice Blake's watermelon handiwork.^^
 ^^new favorite chair.^^
^^and Bash Bish Falls, because we just can't get enough.^^


The Fourth.

We filled the holiday weekend with: 
*chicken + eggplant parm in my parents' wood fire oven, in honor of my brother-in-law's thirtieth.
*diaper-clad babies. 
*evening walks to get ice cream, with Hugo in his little red wagon.
*morning runs, taking note of American flags at every doorway.
*an afternoon by the pool while baby slept. 
*matching Captain America shirts for Hugo, his daddy, uncles and C-Pop.
*picnics, all day Monday.
*an appreciation for where we live, how we live, and the people who have protected our freedoms. I'm particularly proud of my dad and grandfathers for their service to our country. we have much to be grateful for.


Sunday in the city.

 ^^Blake + Mini Blake.^^
 ^^an empty overflow room at church. best case scenario, in Hugo's book.^^
 ^^a baby shower for a dear friend.^^
^^and Hugo hanging out with his daddy during - the Central Park Zoo + creating a respectable stick collection.^^