Mono Lake, Bodie and Hot Springs.

The last of the photos from our trip out to California and Nevada! Here they are...
 ^^Mammoth Mountain is just a short drive from Mono Lake, so we stopped by a few times. It's a pretty fascinating place. The water is alkaline because of the high salt concentration, which causes some gorgeous tufa rock formations along the rim. There's also a small dark island in the middle of the lake that resulted from an underwater volcanic eruption years and years (and years) ago.^^
 ^^Hugo was a big fan.^^
 ^^and here's the view from our room's balcony. currently trying to teleport back.^^
 ^^and Bodie! maybe my favorite part of the trip, this is an old ghost town that we drove nine miles down a terrifying dirt road to get to. you can read about it here.^^
^^and finally, on our last day in California, we visited the Hot Creek Geologic Site. incredible. I'm so glad we didn't pass it up. the water is so hot, it actually boils, and it's the most beautiful shade of blue.^^

We loved you, Yosemite and Mammoth Mountain! Pretty sure you haven't seen the last of us. 

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