Weekend in the Berkshires.

This weekend, we headed up to the Berkshires for our annual reunion with Blake's college roommates. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen and chasing babies - one of whom has recently learned how to walk (!!). We also spent an afternoon out at Tanglewood before the rains came, listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the lawn while Hugo picked his peanut butter puffs out of the grass. 

And Davis Room (number that we forget) maintains its title as the Best College Squad of All Time. 
^^a little blurry, but Hugo's face in this photo. he's like, "hang on now. who is this other baby?"^^
^^plopped himself right in this chair as the concert started.^^
^^one morning, I ran into NY from MA (we stayed only half a mile from the border), and felt just like Forrest Gump.^^
 ^^please notice Blake's watermelon handiwork.^^
 ^^new favorite chair.^^
^^and Bash Bish Falls, because we just can't get enough.^^

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