From a Thursday night: pasta and pizza at the new Eataly Downtown, a stop for dark chocolate, the commute home by way of the now-open Oculus - nearly 4 billion dollars, and arguably the most beautiful modern transportation hub in the world. 


Dear little boy.

Know this: you have a dad who loves you fiercely, who delights in watching you grow, who thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. He spends his days trying to fix a broken system. He spends his nights washing your hair and pushing you through town in your Cozy Coupe.

He's the kind of man I hope you'll be one day: loyal, kind, just and hard working. A man who can look back on a life and its work and say, "See there? We built that."



For little boys, learning how to walk. Grubby knees to wash by night, smiles behind binkies in the morning. For a dog and his constant quest to be snuggled. The way he tips himself over onto the grass to scratch his back, all four legs flailing in the air. For a glass of wine on the back porch with a husband, a book, a late summer breeze.


Blake turns 29.

A trip to the Comedy Cellar, chicken parm and Mexican food, the Conservatory Garden and the Met. All for my best guy on the anniversary of his birth.


Summer carnival.

This past week, our town set up a small carnival in the parking lot of a church not a quarter of a mile from our house. Despite the ridiculous heat (over it, August), we're not ones to pass up a good carnival, and we were pretty sure Hugo would love it.

Wrong. We were so wrong.

Hugo did not love the carnival. In fact, he cried on most of the rides and looked slightly panicked on all of the others. At one point, we watched our precious child sob and reach for us from the front seat of a rickety little train ride and felt completely sure that we were winning a "Parents of the Year" award.

Next year, we try again.


A boat on the Hudson.

From where we sat eating lobster, drinking rosé, marveling at our city, ringing in a new year of hard work worth doing. 


Our weekend.

Between work and celebrations, things are (and may continue to be) a little quieter in this space. We played a bit of catch-up this weekend, among other things:
*a Friday night barbecue on the patio. 
*morning at the library.
*a Saturday spent watching my sister's babies.
*Olympics, most evenings.
*dump truck races with Hugo.
*a trip to the Eli Whitney Museum.
*planning our next family adventure. 
*runs, swims and lots of time outside. 


Our weekend.

*pizza and a movie, once the baby was tucked in.
*a morning spent painting a bridge, loving on our community.
*a swim in my parents' pool.
*weeding the garden, filling the fridge.
*a small celebration for a 32nd birthday.
*the Cliff Walk in Newport, followed by fish tacos.
*an evening concert on the green, followed by ice cream.
*heavy rains at night, a pup curled close to the bed.