Dear little boy.

I've been back at work for more than a year now, and I'd like to tell you it gets easier.

It's true that we've fallen into a routine, our little family of three (plus Gus). We get you up in the morning, dress you, make you breakfast, send you off with your grandmothers who love you tremendously. It's true that I spend hours focused on other tasks, and in those hours I am not the same person who sings you silly songs or reads to you about "Tom" (the train). It's also true that I have the good fortune of working from home three days a week, allowing me to see you so much more than I would have otherwise.

I'd like to tell you that it gets easier because I love my career - the latter is also true. I've poured myself into this work, and I'm proud of that.

But make no mistake, little boy. These choices about what's best for you and me and us are some of the hardest we've had to make. One day when you're grown, maybe you'll better understand what that feels like. It doesn't get easier, but "easy" isn't ever what we should want out of life, anyway.

I love you so.



Loo's Bachelorette.

This past weekend, I hosted a bachelorette party for Loo just outside of Cape Cod. With fourteen of the soon-to-be bride's closest friends, we rented a beautiful house looking out on Buzzards Bay. We filled the hours with a schooner sail in Newport, dueling pianos, glasses of champagne in the hot tub, early morning runs, walks to the beach and heaps of Mexican food. No one was ever more deserving of such a celebration than my funny, smart, beautiful, selfless friend.


First day of fall.

From getting to the office early, heading up to the rooftop with computer and cup of coffee in hand. From the sound of the city, muffled by sixteen stories. From perfect weather, the first day of fall.


Fair weekend.

Last weekend our town hosted their annual fair, with a parade through town to kick things off. We walked to the green to watch all the trucks pass by, much to Hugo's delight (everything is "truck" or "plane" these days - cars are sooo last week), then met up with my sister and her family for some animal petting and apple crisp eating at the fair.

Have we talked about how this three-to-five-year suburban stint of ours is feeling like it may not be long enough? I'm starting to understand why people entertain the idea of settling down. Towns like this will pull you in and never let you go.

And can you believe how tiny Hugo was at last year's fair?


Manhattan after the rain.

If at some point in your life you find yourself with thirty minutes to spare in Manhattan after a torrential downpour, here is what you must do:
(1) Make your way to the West Village. Run, if you have to. Do not walk.
(2) Wander, with no real direction. This is the very best way to see the city.
(3) Take a moment for banana pudding. Or a donut. Even a cupcake will do.
(4) And do not check your phone. Do not listen to music. Trust me, there's enough to see and hear.


My favorite time of day.

Dinner simmering on the stove, a glass of tea, Avett Brothers on repeat, doors flung open wide. A pup running off with a football, a baby climbing in and out of his little red wagon, all of us waiting for papa to come home. It's the sweetest as the seasons begin to change and the leaves show hints of orange. 

We are building something here in this little house on the shore. Something I am very proud of. 


The last of summer.

*a quiet Friday night toast to my promotion at work this month.
*early mornings with doors open, Sesame Street on repeat. 
*running past the fairground come to life in preparation for next weekend.
*protein pancakes, as fluffy as we can get them. 
*a little boy, vrooming cars in his room. 
*a trip to the carousel, ice cream to go with it. 
*post-nap swims in my parents' pool. 
*a church picnic under tree shade. 
*and an afternoon on the back porch, both of us with our historical nonfiction (THE coolest). 

Happy summer's end, folks. Best season coming right up. 


From a date with Hugo.

We walked downtown for smoothies, chased each other around the town green and took the long way home, acknowledging every "CAR!" that passed. Good grief, I love that kid.


Jersey shore.

We spent the long weekend down in New Jersey with two of my very best friends and their guys. Jessi and her boyfriend recently bought a house, so we were eager to see. It did not disappoint, folks. Let it be known that this girl is one of the best DIYers on the planet.

Three days of beach, running dates, rock skipping competitions, lighthouse exploring, pizza eating and conversations long into the night. I love these people, and it's not hard to see why. 



A ridiculous number of photos that have been sitting on my phone for the last two months (almost exclusively interesting to me)...
 ^^from a client event, if you can believe it.^^
 ^^a long walk through Central Park in honor of a birthday.^^
 ^^the laziest creature on the planet, who happens to live with us.^^
 ^^15 months going on 16 years.^^
 ^^an August Sunday in bed due to a nasty cold (summer colds should be illegal).^^
 ^^and the best people/dog in the world, in my completely biased opinion.^^
 ^^one morning, watching the lawnmower ("car!!").^^
 ^^an after-work walk from west to east, through the Park, channeling Meg and Billy.^^
 ^^from our favorite time of day.^^
 ^^note the look of mild terror in Gus's eyes.^^
 ^^an evening when I laughed so much, my abs were sore the next day.^^
 ^^one more from my girl's bridal shower (wish you could zoom in on those photo gems).^^
 ^^a pup, eagerly awaiting his nighttime snuggles (every. night.).^^
 ^^movie night tent, which is also known as the never-ending effort to prevent Hugo from pulling furniture down on top of us.^^ 
 ^^and one night, walking to meet up with an old friend and swooning all the while.^^
 ^^from our company offsite at the beautiful Brooklyn Navy Yard, complete with a catwalk.^^
 ^^a morning at the library with cousins (that train set. hours of entertainment.).^^
 ^^the day we decided that only one fixer upper should be allowed per family at any given time.^^
 ^^a birthday celebration at work. donuts = the new cupcakes.^^
 ^^a morning glow from our backyard that I will never, ever get over.^^
 ^^Hugo Henry, winning the prize (by a landslide) for the dirtiest child at a baby shower in Riverside Park on one of the hottest days of the year.^^
^^and BABY MOOBS.^^