A ridiculous number of photos that have been sitting on my phone for the last two months (almost exclusively interesting to me)...
 ^^from a client event, if you can believe it.^^
 ^^a long walk through Central Park in honor of a birthday.^^
 ^^the laziest creature on the planet, who happens to live with us.^^
 ^^15 months going on 16 years.^^
 ^^an August Sunday in bed due to a nasty cold (summer colds should be illegal).^^
 ^^and the best people/dog in the world, in my completely biased opinion.^^
 ^^one morning, watching the lawnmower ("car!!").^^
 ^^an after-work walk from west to east, through the Park, channeling Meg and Billy.^^
 ^^from our favorite time of day.^^
 ^^note the look of mild terror in Gus's eyes.^^
 ^^an evening when I laughed so much, my abs were sore the next day.^^
 ^^one more from my girl's bridal shower (wish you could zoom in on those photo gems).^^
 ^^a pup, eagerly awaiting his nighttime snuggles (every. night.).^^
 ^^movie night tent, which is also known as the never-ending effort to prevent Hugo from pulling furniture down on top of us.^^ 
 ^^and one night, walking to meet up with an old friend and swooning all the while.^^
 ^^from our company offsite at the beautiful Brooklyn Navy Yard, complete with a catwalk.^^
 ^^a morning at the library with cousins (that train set. hours of entertainment.).^^
 ^^the day we decided that only one fixer upper should be allowed per family at any given time.^^
 ^^a birthday celebration at work. donuts = the new cupcakes.^^
 ^^a morning glow from our backyard that I will never, ever get over.^^
 ^^Hugo Henry, winning the prize (by a landslide) for the dirtiest child at a baby shower in Riverside Park on one of the hottest days of the year.^^
^^and BABY MOOBS.^^

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