Hugo's Baptism.

We took church membership vows and baptized our little boy yesterday. Blake and I have prayed a lot of things over his life, but none so much as this: that he know the power of sacrificial love and the God who called him by name.



 ^^truck books, anywhere and anytime. and after the baby shower last weekend, I found the sweetest little baby boy with his papa in front of Eataly.^^
 ^^banana pancake smiles, and those tiny little newborn stretches. two of my close friends had babies in September, so I've been making the rounds for snuggles.^^
 ^^from a client event and from any old afternoon.^^
 ^^our afternoon with whales and dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. backseat driver, backseat napper.^^
 ^^cheeks abound, and the prettiest house from the post-work walks I've been taking with Hugo. gets me every time.^^
 ^^the dreamy Yale campus from a walk to Panera after church, and our babe napping on me in Panera. now, if we could just get him to nap during church? too much to ask?^^
 ^^babies, off on an adventure. Ben Folds, from a date (with Blake, not Ben) last month. we've been making a conscious effort to have new, local adventures as a couple lately.^^
 ^^the upside to darker mornings in the city: watching the sun rise over skyscrapers.^^
 ^^one evening, our sink started leaking water everywhere. with Hugo's expertise, Blake had it fixed in no time. and this, from a walk from the subway one morning.^^
^^for any time of day, the greatest companions I know.^^


October baby shower.

Yesterday, we put together a baby shower for our friend Valgerdur - one of the kindest, wisest, most welcoming souls on the planet. I have so valued this girl's presence in my life over the last five years, and I just know she's going to make an amazing mom. Baby Jackson is a lucky kid.


First haircut.

Hugo Henry had his first (long-overdue) haircut the other night. I had the hardest time parting with those baby curls, but he is totally rocking the new cut. Sending him off to college can not be more difficult than cutting those first curls. Right? Right??


JBF Conference.

I've been wanting to attend the James Beard Foundation Food Conference for years. Finally, the stars aligned and I was able to bask in the brilliance of some of our food industry and policy game changers over the last couple of days. So much inspiration, so much amazing food. Not sure how someone returns to yogurt and eggs after eating muesli and egg in a hole avocado toast for breakfast.


From Boston and Providence.

On Saturday, we drove up to Boston and Providence to see some of our college friends. The weather was perfect for outdoor pizza, long walks and a trip to the zoo with the babies. Love you, New England. But not as much as we love these friends.


Ice cream cake in the rain.

From Saturday in the city: A family date at Parm (how we always end up here, I cannot tell you) and a little boy who started to get antsy toward the end of the meal, inspiring our ice cream cake eating outside in the rain. A trip to the American Museum of Natural History, an afternoon with whales and dinosaurs. An almost birthday celebration with friends in the evening, thwarted by a little boy's stomach troubles. 

I'll let you do the math. 


Gus's midnight snack.

In case you were wondering what Blake and I do after the baby goes to sleep on a Monday night.


Movie night.

Growing up, my family always watched a movie and ate dinner together on a large red and blue handkerchief blanket on Sunday nights. I remember going to the movie store (RIP) and negotiating a double feature with my parents - generally movies of the 1970s Disney variety. We were not introduced to much of modern culture until high school.

We've picked up the tradition with Hugo over the last few months, and it's one of our better parenting decisions. A pot of chili, blow up mattress in the living room, piles of blankets and Finding Nemo on the TV - this is how you spend a rainy Sunday evening in the fall.


At the Roosevelt.

I had an event in the city this past Tuesday evening, so Blake met me afterward for a date night at the Roosevelt Hotel. We headed over to our old neighborhood for dinner and passed the night eating tacos (in honor of National Taco Day, as we realized when we sat down at the restaurant) and reminiscing/appreciating where we are at this particular moment in our lives.

What luck that he is mine, that two homes have laid claim to our hearts, that we share a love of Mexican food and coffee and holding hands under night skies.


From the first of October.

 ^^Toot is his absolute favorite book right now. We have gotten really good at imitating toots.^^ 
*a morning run to meet up with the boys at the Marketplace. 
*pumpkin picking, with the place to ourselves. 
*an apple pie in the oven, mostly for the smell. 
*afternoon reads for all of us. 
*catch-up on all of the chores that have been neglected for days/weeks.
*tacos on the dinner table.
*hot cider by the fire before bed. 
*and old movies long into the night with my guy.