^^truck books, anywhere and anytime. and after the baby shower last weekend, I found the sweetest little baby boy with his papa in front of Eataly.^^
 ^^banana pancake smiles, and those tiny little newborn stretches. two of my close friends had babies in September, so I've been making the rounds for snuggles.^^
 ^^from a client event and from any old afternoon.^^
 ^^our afternoon with whales and dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. backseat driver, backseat napper.^^
 ^^cheeks abound, and the prettiest house from the post-work walks I've been taking with Hugo. gets me every time.^^
 ^^the dreamy Yale campus from a walk to Panera after church, and our babe napping on me in Panera. now, if we could just get him to nap during church? too much to ask?^^
 ^^babies, off on an adventure. Ben Folds, from a date (with Blake, not Ben) last month. we've been making a conscious effort to have new, local adventures as a couple lately.^^
 ^^the upside to darker mornings in the city: watching the sun rise over skyscrapers.^^
 ^^one evening, our sink started leaking water everywhere. with Hugo's expertise, Blake had it fixed in no time. and this, from a walk from the subway one morning.^^
^^for any time of day, the greatest companions I know.^^

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