DC + Occoquan.

While we were just outside of DC for Thanksgiving, we made our regular trip into the city for the zoo and a (very brief) tour of some of our favorite spots around the National Mall. Hugo was the sweetest with the gorillas at the zoo this year, waving "hi" and putting his hands (and his face - gross) up against the separation glass. I'd be lying if I said the gorilla exhibit didn't bum me out a little, but I'm guessing the gorillas probably eat and sleep better than I do at the moment.

We also stopped by Occoquan on the way back - an old mill town with small shops (including one entirely devoted to puzzles?), a boardwalk and a small park. Can you get over Hugo's face in the picture on the bridge? I can't. But I'm also his mother.

And now we're back to work/sitting on the couch trying to get over bronchitis (boo) before we head down to Florida this weekend. I told Blake I may not be able to travel if I didn't improve today, but he was having none of it. You must rally for some things in life. Disney World is one of those things.

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