From Thanksgiving.

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in DC with my family - all of us battling colds, but thankful to be together.

As a family, we always want to be looking for new opportunities to show love within our home, just outside our front door and across the world in places with needs greater than our own. We're particularly conscious of the many blessings in our life this week, but we're also challenged to find ways to show Hugo how he can make an impact in the lives of those less fortunate. This isn't always easy, because he's still too little to get involved with some of the organizations that we feel strongly about supporting, but I do hope the small ways we're encouraging him to give back will become a part of who he is.

And if you're looking for organizations to love on in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are a few really good ones that we have heart for:
*She's the First -- offsetting education costs in low-income countries so that young women can become first-generation graduations and the next generation of global leaders (sharing more soon on how we and you can support creatively in 2017!)
*Children's Rescue Mission -- builds sustainable infrastructure for jobs, provides humanitarian relief and offers educational programs to break the cycle of poverty in Teupasenti, Honduras
*Hope for New York -- serves the poor and marginalized in NYC through volunteer work and financial resources
*Bridges of Hope -- ministers to the New Haven community through mentorship programs and service projects

Happy Thanksgiving!

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