From 2016.

In January, we headed up to Boston to introduce Hugo to some of our dearest friends from college, went sledding in our backyard, had a family date at Mystic Aquarium and Blake made a trip out to San Francisco.
In February, I started spending one night a week in the city for work (thanks to my grandparents' generosity in lending their apartment!), we had our first annual Valentine's Day brunch, and made last minute plans to head down to Disney for a weekend.
In March, we went to our town's dog festival and Gus made an enemy of Scooby Doo. We celebrated Easter with family, I hosted a work event with Giada and we went up to the mountains of New Hampshire for a snowy weekend
In April, we set up our patio for warmer weather, saw Loo and Chris in Concord, swooned over our magnolia tree (or really, just me), and Hugo met up with his buddy Sam in Providence. 
In May, Hugo turned one! We started taking long walks with his little red wagon, went into the city quite a bit and celebrated Mother's Day (my first!). 
In June, we flew out to Nevada and California for a National Parks adventure and celebrated our sixth anniversary in Vegas. We also celebrated my 27th birthday and had a big picnic with friends on the beach.
In July, Gus turned five, I co-hosted a bridal shower for Loo and we spent the Fourth with family, eating ice cream and floating in the pool. I also went to a baby shower for a dear friend and we headed up to the Berkshires for a long weekend reunion with Blake's Providence roommates.
In August, we went to our town carnival and Hugo was horrified. I took a boat out on the Hudson for my company's summer party and planned a birthday celebration for Blake in the city (Comedy Cellar + Parm). We made a day trip out of Newport, painted New Haven bridges with our church and went to concerts on the green.
In September, we spent LDW with friends on the Jersey Shore. I hosted a bachelorette weekend for Loo around Newport and Hugo and I enjoyed long walks around town before dinner most nights. We also went to the town fair with my sister's family and I was promoted at work.
In October, Hugo dressed as Cookie Monster (his favorite) for Halloween. Hugo had his first haircut, I went to the JBF Food Conference and Blake and I had a date night at the Roosevelt. We went into NYC for a baby shower and up to Boston and Providence to see friends. The last Sunday of the month, we baptized our boy and became church members.
In November, we headed down to DC to spend Thanksgiving with family, went to another baby shower in NYC and went up to the Berkshires for Loo's wedding. My sister and brother-in-law adopted their babies.
In December, we headed back down to Disney! We attended a few Christmas parties with colleagues, our families and friends, saw the first snow of the season and spent Christmas with family in Connecticut.

And from 2015, 2014 and 2010 (!!).

Happy New Year! We're going to make 2017 a good one. 


Breakfast date.

Four days before Christmas, Blake and I had a breakfast date in the city. Pancakes for him, egg sandwich for me. We hunkered down in a worn booth at the Lexington Candy Shop to talk about the things that really matter and some of the things that don't. We watched chef and waitress exchange gifts - socks and a bottle of bourbon. Unremarkable, as many of our favorite, most memorable mornings are.


Merry Christmas!

^^from a family date at our Marketplace, salted caramel hot chocolate in hand. we walked to the tree on the town green afterward, Hugo "wow"-ing the whole way.^^
^^we wrapped the last of the gifts on Christmas Eve, and Gus donned his fine apparel (unwillingly).^^
^^after nap, Hugo joined him.^^
^^and my sister and I matched the kids again. thinking we have another couple of years of this. [crosses fingers]^^
^^santa came!^^
^^Christmas morning came in quiet and cold, just the way I like it.^^
 ^^and we topped off our celebrations with naps for all.^^

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:5

Merry Christmas to you! 


Christmas at Cafe Tallulah.

a gathering of some of my best girls and their significant others, dressed in high boots and holding festive cocktails. low-lit candles and plates of cheeses, breads, chocolate-covered strawberries. talk of celebration - engagements, new jobs, new homes, babies on the way. a long walk home by way of the park, arm in arm with my guy.



 ^^H has been particularly interested in dips and salsas - it cracks us up. and we took a little monster to breakfast at The Marketplace - a Saturday morning staple for us.^^
 ^^two more from Disney a couple of weeks ago. H's delight in meeting Mickey basically made the entire trip. afterward, I kept saying, "that was amazing. kids are amazing."^^
 ^^our panda and our turkey.^^
 ^^outtakes from our Christmas card photos in the backyard. those fall temperatures already feel a long way off.^^
 ^^from a date night and from watching my niece one morning. her energy levels are off the charts, and I love her for it.^^
 ^^the sweetest scenes in our living room.^^
 ^^this kid's love of shoes and bedtime shenanigans with poor Geoffrey the giraffe.^^
 ^^working from home, working from the office (where we work hard and play hard. or at least work hard and play for an hour before rushing to the train...).^^
 ^^Hugo and his cousin went for a spin at their adoption party, and Pop is trying to instill a healthy (err, unhealthy?) love of cars in Hugo.^^
 ^^from bronchitis, that nasty booger. and sweet details at a friend's baby shower - they even had a Mille Crepes cake, which everyone knows is the best cake of all time, full stop.^^
 ^^a backrub train (obviously, G was the engine) and a first official haircut in Disney World.^^
 ^^more from Loo's wedding, where I did my best not to cry (fail) and Hugo obsessed over a school bus.^^
^^an accurate representation of our sleeping experiences while traveling and Hugo's thoughts on taking family photos.^^


First snow of the season.

Yesterday morning, we woke up to the most beautiful snowfall - clean white as far as the eye could see. We took Hugo and Gus out as it was still falling in buckets, and they were equally delighted, those snow babies of mine. It snowed long enough to keep us from making a trip into the city for a friend's baby shower (we were so bummed), but it's hard to stay bitter at a world of marshmallow.


Hugo's first date.

A few weeks ago, we met up with friends at Maysville (oh my goodness, so delicious) for a celebration of our friends' baby arriving in February. While there, Hugo took a liking to my friend Andrea - a bond he rarely forms with anyone he doesn't see frequently. She taught him out to fist bump, walked him up and down the bar area and basically stole his heart forever. And if someone has to, I'm really fine with it being this girl :)


Tree hunt.

 From a hunt for our tree a few weeks back. There she stands, in all of her cheerful glory, making us wish it were appropriate to keep a tree in the living room year-round.