^^H has been particularly interested in dips and salsas - it cracks us up. and we took a little monster to breakfast at The Marketplace - a Saturday morning staple for us.^^
 ^^two more from Disney a couple of weeks ago. H's delight in meeting Mickey basically made the entire trip. afterward, I kept saying, "that was amazing. kids are amazing."^^
 ^^our panda and our turkey.^^
 ^^outtakes from our Christmas card photos in the backyard. those fall temperatures already feel a long way off.^^
 ^^from a date night and from watching my niece one morning. her energy levels are off the charts, and I love her for it.^^
 ^^the sweetest scenes in our living room.^^
 ^^this kid's love of shoes and bedtime shenanigans with poor Geoffrey the giraffe.^^
 ^^working from home, working from the office (where we work hard and play hard. or at least work hard and play for an hour before rushing to the train...).^^
 ^^Hugo and his cousin went for a spin at their adoption party, and Pop is trying to instill a healthy (err, unhealthy?) love of cars in Hugo.^^
 ^^from bronchitis, that nasty booger. and sweet details at a friend's baby shower - they even had a Mille Crepes cake, which everyone knows is the best cake of all time, full stop.^^
 ^^a backrub train (obviously, G was the engine) and a first official haircut in Disney World.^^
 ^^more from Loo's wedding, where I did my best not to cry (fail) and Hugo obsessed over a school bus.^^
^^an accurate representation of our sleeping experiences while traveling and Hugo's thoughts on taking family photos.^^

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