Fair weekend.

The fair is serious business in this town, and we're all about it. We headed down on Friday night, and again with family on Sunday. The parade was in between, and we sat on the curb as dutiful suburbanites, keeping an eye out for "siren trucks" and waving flags. Almost all of the time, I just love this place.


Playground party.

We spent Saturday afternoon in the city, celebrating the first birthdays of some of my dearest friends' babies. We shared pink and blue cupcakes, chased a certain two-year-old away from the fountains and sandbox, and lived in denial of the fact that two members of our little group (going on 7 years of friendship!) will be leaving us so very soon. I can't look at the photo of us girls without getting teary-eyed, and I find myself harboring a bit of bitterness against Vancouver and Alabama for taking our friends away. I'm kidding, but only kind of.

Before heading home, we made a stop for all the necessities: dinner at one of our favorite spots, blooms at a nearby bodega, H&H bagels for Sunday morning.


Potty training.

A snapshot of how things are going. We're breaking all of the rules and taking it slow, but we've had more successes than accidents over here, so I think we're doing alright...


The last of summer.

While I was off last week, we spent most mornings at the beach. We collected shells, had our run of the playgrounds and went jogging with sea breezes behind us. This past season was a crazy one for us, and I can't say I'd relive it. But here we are with fall in sight, and we're doing our best to soak up the last bits of goodness from a summer that passed us by in a blink.


A week off.

I took this week off to spend time with Hugo, catch up with friends, escape the hustle after a string of long months, get lost in a book, commit time to a few personal projects - potty training among them (wish us luck). 

We reversed roles and took Blake to the train this morning. With his office move to New Haven, he's just a short walk from the station, and the commute doubled as an excuse to bring Hugo to see the trains. My heart swelled and nearly burst in the span of 3 minutes - watching Hugo's face as the train pulled in, holding his small hand in mine, seeing Blake wave from the window as he sped off. 

I have spent time doing more glamorous things, but the simple and purposeful have been kinder to me, to us. 


The two of us.

Meeting for Mexican after long days of work - just him and me. Holding hands, and remembering when we used to do that more often (toddlers tend to occupy). Having uninterrupted conversation. And while I much prefer morning to evening, nighttime in Manhattan is another thing entirely. Nights in Manhattan have invited us in with soft breezes and flickering lights and a glass of wine, basket of chips at the door.


From our weekend.

*we were at least 20 minutes late to every single thing - over-scheduled and over-tired are we.
*we celebrated the life of my dear mama, who is goodness and selflessness embodied, and so deeply loved by her grandbabies (despite what this photo would imply).
*we did more unpacking, more sweeping, more making room for the new and giving care to the old, filling our home with the treasures we've accumulated.
*we walked into town for dinner, a double date with Hugo and Minnie Mouse.
*we wrapped up swim lessons for a boy who still can't swim, still prefers playing with pool toys to sticking his head in the water. and I get it. I do.
*we spent hours in New Haven: stopped by Blake's new office (two big moves at once is such a good idea, you guys!), filled church pews, filled bellies with the pizza and cannolis that the city does so well.
*we spent an evening on the green, listening to the music of Crosby, Stills & Nash as the sun disappeared. chased a two year old in a diaper waving his pants like a flag.
*we spent an afternoon in the company of friends, carrying each other's babies on hips, lighting up the grill, passing sparklers.


A small reminder.

That each day (the good ones and the bad ones) is a gift, not a given. Full of beauty where we choose to see it. Replete with opportunities to be kind and selfless and honest. Chances to be clever and interesting and engaging, too.

That days come in twenty-four hour increments, and thank God for that. If you could negotiate more or less, you'd drive yourself mad. Time is too smart to play games with us.

That we get all kinds of days. A lemon here and there. Sometimes a whole string of lemons. But there so many very good days: the one when you worked up the courage to say "I love you" (and heard it back!) or the one when you got an unexpected note from an old friend or the one when you floated on your back in the ocean, pregnant belly toward the sky. Very good days. We get a lot of them.

A small reminder, mostly for me. Maybe for you, too.


House Update #3.

On Blake's 30th birthday, we slept in this house for the very first time. While we still have some progress to make (countertops, back deck, landscaping, etc.), we're quite proud of this place. She's starting to feel like home.

And I can't say how appreciative we are for the help of both of our families in this process - for countless hours of work, babysitting, giving us a bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads. We have tremendously selfless families. They've shown us sacrificial love more often than anyone deserves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Gus turns six.

Weeks ago (I'm embarrassed to say how many), our pup turned six. We celebrated with a candle-topped ice cream one weeknight, and snuggled him extra in honor. Our life would be so different without Gus in it. He is all of the best things you can find in a dog - companionship, patience and loyalty in spades - and day by day I find reason to love him more.

Worth remembering.

The kindness of strangers. The office at sunset. The long way home, through dimly-lit streets and past ivy-covered brownstones. A stop for the necessary: eyebrow wax and ice cream. A drive up 5th, windows down, summer breeze, the sounds of Manhattan - all life and light.


Cape Cod.

We skipped town this weekend - an early birthday trip for Blake's 30th, a much-needed getaway to the sea. A quick stop in Newport, an overnight in Hyannis on Cape Cod. We spent our days eating Mexican food, wandering three-hundred-year-old streets, and we took a rainy evening boat cruise around Hyannis Harbor with a delighted two-year-old. 

Sunday was for giant pancakes and a trip to the beach, where we built sandcastles and held hermit crabs in our hands only to return them to the tidal pools. I read this when we got home, and I can't say I disagree.What a place to run to.