January weekend.

One of routines - dinners at home, baths for the baby, runs, phone calls, church and bedtime songs from the both of us.

Two glasses of Merlot on the side table, an old comedy we've seen many times to take our minds off of more serious things. Things we'll talk about in the morning.

A long afternoon walk to dream of houses we'd like to own someday - a someday that came a bit faster than either of us had hoped or anticipated. We'll be looking more seriously come May, and we've settled into the idea, even gotten quite excited about it.

A drive up to Hartford to see Mike Birbiglia for the second time. We sat so close to the stage, it was nearly uncomfortable (the result of arriving rather early), but loved his balance of humor and depth.

And all of the in-betweens, in pursuit of new ways to love our neighbors, near and far. What a mess we all are, and how lucky that we have each other.

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