^^Gus continues to be the best snuggler and all-around best dog on the planet.^^
 ^^Hugo has been getting so big and so eager to try new things on his own (we hear "no" a lot...)^^
 ^^we had dim sum with friends at China Blue one weekend - one friend (hi, V!) couldn't make it because she went into labor. best excuse ever.^^
 ^^I've been running new routes through Central Park and eating up those quiet hours.^^
 ^^I had a meeting at One World Trade, where the views are show-stoppers.^^
 ^^as is the cooking from Bon Appetit's executive chef. we had lunch and snacks in their Test Kitchen, and their sweet potato noodles were incredible.^^
 ^^one more from the Book Barn last weekend.^^
 ^^and one from an early breakfast at the Marketplace, because this face.^^
 ^^since we're there so often, we've become rather close to some of the Marketplace staff. one of them gave Hugo a blue balloon and he lost his mind over it.^^
 ^^spotted: trying to break into my computer one night.^^
^^and one from a walk through the West Village the other morning after a Cyc class with an old friend. no better way to start a day.^^

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