Our weekend.

Pizza around the fire pit, under the stars. Moana before bed - after bath, after fire engine pajamas clad chubby (still) baby feet. A trip to the children's museum. A stop at the store for new soaps, Easter clothes. Chili bubbling on the stove after church. A much-needed haircut and books by the armful. Runs around the green. An evening with friends and their babies - all boys, all carrying dinosaurs, cars, wooden blocks and musical instruments.

What are February weekends for, if not for this?



 ^^we went to our first preschool open house for Hugo (and kind of loved it).^^
 ^^our little town saw a lot of snow.^^
 ^^early one Sunday morning in particular - we watched it fall from the Marketplace.^^
 ^^Buzz Lightyear has been coming everywhere with us. Blake went on a business trip to Orlando and came back with Woody, also, so we're rolling deep these days.^^
 ^^we went bowling with some friends and decided that this is an activity mostly for the five and up crowd.^^
 ^^fog - we're seeing a lot of it in the city...^^
^^and in the suburbs.^^
^^I put together a Galentine's Day for some friends in New Haven. The Necco candy was flowing.^^
 ^^one more from a post-church walk last weekend.^^
 ^^we've been reading lots of books (Hugo can name all of the Finding Nemo characters from this one).^^
 ^^we've had a couple of nights warm enough for outdoor fires. what is this, February?!^^
 ^^we took Hugo to the children's museum this morning.^^
 ^^and we're making sure Hugo is well-versed in the classics (Harry Potter).^^
 ^^Gus lost a bone under a foot of snow.^^
 ^^and we've been snuggling. a lot.^^


Dear little boy.

On Monday, I had the day off. We went for an early morning run, you saying "woah, this fun" every time we hit a bump. We stopped for a shared breakfast, a run across the town green, a climb on the playground. I tucked you in for a nap with Buzz. Watched you sleep for a little while after you'd drifted off.

I would like to keep you at 21 months for just a few extra minutes, just to hear you say "Mommy" in that milky-sweet voice. Just to see you run around in your footie pajamas a little bit longer.


Sixty degrees.

We walked from church to the Yale campus with Buzz Lightyear in tow, as is typical these days. Blake shed his dress shirt, Hugo and I went without coats. We stopped for Mexican food and hurried home to throw the windows open, diffuse lemongrass, sweep out the dirt and dust of winter. I'm not about to let myself believe that the cold is behind us, but for just a moment, it felt like spring.

And please notice the sticker from nursery that Hugo insisted on sticking to his bum. Love that kid.


A date at the opera.

He sent me flowers for my desk during the day. By night, we kicked things off at The Smith - truffle gnocchi for me, a steak for him, bread and butter to share. A stop at the photo booth downstairs (mandatory) for these lovely gems. A walk across Broadway to Lincoln Center for Carmen. We marveled at the lights, the architecture, the way opera often sounds as if it's one powerful voice. We drank champagne on the balcony (courtesy of a kind friend who now works at the opera) and shared a moment - one that I'll hold onto.


Second annual Valentine's Day brunch.

From our second annual Valentine's Day brunch - I made the cinnamon rolls, Blake put together a new red wagon for Hugo. We brewed strong coffee, set the table, counted our blessings, gave the little boy a card with Nemo and Dory on it. We were happy with these simple, small things.

From last year.


Snow day.

We woke to snow - heaps and heaps of it. Heavy, wet snow that made the branches of the tree in front of our house sag. At certain points throughout the morning, we could hardly see out of our windows. The gusts kept coming, powdering our world and keeping us indoors. It was the perfect day for pancakes, a hot cup of coffee, a snuggle with a boy and his pup.



mostly work, for me. a quick bath one afternoon to get away from it all, a toddler who wanted to join me (also, nemo). a missed 80th birthday party for my grandfather - which nearly broke my heart, selfless man that he is. a dinner at my parents' house, a dance party to conclude it. a date in with my guy, a walk downtown for a cookie with my little boy. the Super Bowl, by way of Sarabeth's in Tribeca - we had the place to ourselves, and that was the silver lining I'd looked for.


Quick trip to Chicago.

I flew out to Chicago for a quick work trip on Monday and filled chilly days with many meetings, a walk to Cloud Gate and a dinner of deep dish pizza in my hotel room (if that isn't the saddest looking photo you've ever seen, I don't want to know what is ;). I'm back again this morning and grateful for it. The Windy City is something special, but it doesn't take long for me to miss my people, my pup.