^^we went to our first preschool open house for Hugo (and kind of loved it).^^
 ^^our little town saw a lot of snow.^^
 ^^early one Sunday morning in particular - we watched it fall from the Marketplace.^^
 ^^Buzz Lightyear has been coming everywhere with us. Blake went on a business trip to Orlando and came back with Woody, also, so we're rolling deep these days.^^
 ^^we went bowling with some friends and decided that this is an activity mostly for the five and up crowd.^^
 ^^fog - we're seeing a lot of it in the city...^^
^^and in the suburbs.^^
^^I put together a Galentine's Day for some friends in New Haven. The Necco candy was flowing.^^
 ^^one more from a post-church walk last weekend.^^
 ^^we've been reading lots of books (Hugo can name all of the Finding Nemo characters from this one).^^
 ^^we've had a couple of nights warm enough for outdoor fires. what is this, February?!^^
 ^^we took Hugo to the children's museum this morning.^^
 ^^and we're making sure Hugo is well-versed in the classics (Harry Potter).^^
 ^^Gus lost a bone under a foot of snow.^^
 ^^and we've been snuggling. a lot.^^

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