^^Gus took full advantage of the pillow fort I made for Hugo.^^
 ^^I've been out running longer distances, training for a half marathon I'm running with friends in May.^^
 ^^sometimes the San Remo is there, too.^^
 ^^I gave myself mom points for making Hugo green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day. he could have cared less.^^
 ^^while Blake made a work trip out to Wisconsin, Hugo and I had a date. he picked out a train book at the bookstore and insisted on carrying it all the way home.^^
 ^^I cut Hugo's hair. my mother had to fix it.^^
 ^^we've gotten pretty serious about buying a house, and we're now just waiting on the right one to come along. have to say, this process is a nightmare for someone prone to tunnel vision.^^
 ^^Hugo turned into a 90-year-old man before my eyes.^^
 ^^and we took him to see the trains at a local pizza place one Friday night.^^
 ^^we've been on a Toy Story kick.^^
 ^^and I've been reading a lot (this book is great) while I nurse achy knees.^^
 ^^Hugo and Gus have been reading, too.^^

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