The goodness of this week.

*my sister and her husband, finding out that they'll be adding a baby girl to the mix come September.
*a birthday celebration over comfort food - sweet potato fries and pretzel buns.
*for the both of us, new projects at work.
*a favorite salad on repeat.
*a visit with a good friend and her baby boy; talks of Paris over glasses of wine.
*an appraisal for our hopeful new home - our last step before purchase.
*walks to see the blooms, to wash the dog, to get some breakfast.
*dinner and brunch with family from Missouri, joining us for the weekend.
*a send-off for my parents, going to hike the Grand Canyon.
*the gift of a nearby group of friends, their offers to help us breathe life into a new home.
*plans for travels, and for a little boy's second birthday party. both right around the corner.



From the other night, when Hugo picked me a dozen dandelions and learned how to sing, "Mommy loves you" (a song we sing every night before bed). We have seen so, so  much rain around here lately, but when it stops, we have nights like these. More moments I'm bottling up.


Dear husband.

The other night we went out on a date (a rarer occurrence than either of us would like) and got to talking about where we'd be if we hadn't met, hadn't spoken, hadn't made the choice to try again, to keep on trying, always. I have a faint idea of it - for me, there would be lots of books and lots of travel and lots of work and probably more sleep. Or I'd have married someone else. I am not so young to think that soulmates are singular.

But you - the whole existence and person of you - are home to me. Unshaven, sweatshirt-wearing and all, you have been the keeper of my joys and pains. You have been compass and sounding board, unfailingly honest.

Life is full of trade-offs, I hear, and I'd trade it all over again for you.


Evening walks.

From a brand new season of evening walks, around town and through the green, just this little boy and me. 


Hugo's First 5K Race.

This past Saturday (another beautiful day, as luck would have it), Hugo joined me for his first 5K race. I've gone running with him in his walking stroller before, but found an old jogging stroller on Craigslist on Friday night, which we brought home only to realize that there was no way it was going to fit into our little car... womp.

In any case, Hugo had a blast (his face when he saw Blake at the finish line!) and it was for a cause that's close to my heart. Every step is in support of girls' education, and with the help of our community, we've already provided two annual scholarships for girls in low-income countries. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have contributed to She's the First through our campaign. It makes my heart swell.


Easter 2017.

We woke to an absolute gift of a day - 80 degrees, with birds chirping and the lingering smell of rising dough from a bread I made the night before. I read on the back porch, gathered the baby from his crib, brewed the coffee while Blake made egg sandwiches. Before celebrations with both of our families, before the egg hunts and rice pies and family photos, we went to church to worship our God - a God of justice and inexhaustible mercy.

Here is what I thought on all day (from N.T. Wright):
The message of the resurrection is that this world matters! That the injustices and pains of this present world must now be addressed with the news that healing, justice, and love have won... Easter means that in a world where injustice, violence and degradation are endemic, God is not prepared to tolerate such things - and that we will work and plan, with all the energy of God, to implement victory of Jesus over them all. 


A few more from DC.

an early morning long run to the Tidal Basin. a visit with my grandparents, and my grandmother's chocolate chip and potato chip cookies (not disclosing number consumed). brunch with Blake's brothers, their significant others. a wander through Eastern Market, just as it opened. early evening at the playground. binge-listening to a new podcast in the car. the zoo, just to see the pandas. one trip to the air and space museum in Chantilly, where Hugo was in his element. truly, so were we.



We headed down to DC this weekend - in part to see the blooms, but largely to visit family. We stayed with Blake's brother and his boyfriend, who recently moved into a beautiful new home on Capitol Hill, and wandered brownstone-dotted streets all weekend. We missed the height of the season, but some of the cherry trees were still going strong.

DC in the spring. What a dream.


April shower and the pier.

On Sunday, we toasted to Michelle and Bijan, who will be married in less than a month's time. We talked jobs and significant others and upcoming travels over kale and some of the best popcorn known to NYC. We showered our girl with gifts and shared excitement in this new thing, a new life she's creating.

Afterward, I met Blake and Hugo down on the Hudson. We admired the boats, sat in the sunshine, took in the magic of spring.


From Our Weekend.

a birthday lunch in honor of my grandmother, one of my favorite people in the world. a husband's famous egg sandwiches and dinner on the grill. a trip into the city for a dear friend's bridal shower. a walk with a friend down to the pier, Blake and Hugo waiting. Peter Pan read aloud - a classic, and so beautifully written. new jeans for the boys, new shoes for me. a hunt for a new couch. a long, drizzly run along the coastline as the sun was rising. a walk on Sunday evening to a house we have hopes for - close to town, the soccer fields, the best ice cream around.