The goodness of this week.

*my sister and her husband, finding out that they'll be adding a baby girl to the mix come September.
*a birthday celebration over comfort food - sweet potato fries and pretzel buns.
*for the both of us, new projects at work.
*a favorite salad on repeat.
*a visit with a good friend and her baby boy; talks of Paris over glasses of wine.
*an appraisal for our hopeful new home - our last step before purchase.
*walks to see the blooms, to wash the dog, to get some breakfast.
*dinner and brunch with family from Missouri, joining us for the weekend.
*a send-off for my parents, going to hike the Grand Canyon.
*the gift of a nearby group of friends, their offers to help us breathe life into a new home.
*plans for travels, and for a little boy's second birthday party. both right around the corner.

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