Half marathon.

A year ago, one of my best friends lost her uncle, a police officer, in a shooting during a routine traffic stop. From what I understand - from conversations with Jessi and from the impact that the loss had on his family, friends and community - he was a great guy, full of life and humor and committed to working for justice and goodness.

At his funeral last year, Jessi decided she'd run this Boston half marathon in his honor, and in solidarity, Rachel and I said we'd run alongside her. To run 13 miles is a small thing, next to the sacrifices that servicemen and women make daily to protect our homes, our neighborhoods, our freedoms and this country that we love. But our lives are made up of small things, and we were so honored to run our first half marathon in celebration of those worth remembering, those who have chosen to live out their convictions.



In all honesty, I pushed back a bit when Blake said he wanted to visit Versailles. I could have just as easily spent another day wandering Paris, but I'm SO glad we went. It might have been the highlight of our trip.

The house ("house" probably isn't a fair term) is gorgeous in itself, but the gardens. Oh my gosh, I'm going to be dreaming about those gardens for the rest of my life. We rented bikes and took them all over the grounds - the Trianon Palaces, Marie-Antoinette's estate, the back farmlands. I can't say enough good things about this place.

We ate lunch on the lawn before heading back into the city for our last night. Sandwiches and ice cream and the most beautiful view.


We bought a house!

She's a fixer-upper with red counter tops, grungy bathroom tiles and an intercom system that hasn't been touched since the 70s, but she's ours. We can't wait for all of the living we're going to do within these walls. 


From the West Village.

a night for Mexican food after work with my guy. the light against One World Trade. water towers, never having looked so pretty. rose with friends at their apartment, windows thrown open to let in the noise from below.

we love you still and forever, NYC.


Paris, Part 2.

In our second 48 hours, we: 
watched sunsets from the Seine. had the best dinner at Chez Fernand (the one on Rue Christine). listened to a street saxophonist play La Vie en Rose afterward. took a harrowing car ride up to Montmarte for the views, the beauty of Sacre-Coeur. picked up souvenir music boxes right around the corner from Shakespeare and Co. discovered the street from Midnight in Paris, had dinner at a Russian spot just down the hill. visited the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musee D'Orsay. had a glass of wine by moonlight, and by the light of Notre-Dame. 


Hugo turns two.

On the morning of your second birthday, we woke you with balloons and a song, and you looked at us like we were crazy. We ate pancakes and pizza and frozen yogurt, and we filled the day with trains of all kinds. You were in awe of all of it - the floating Mickey face, the sound of the engine as it rolled in, the many sprinkle-filled bites you were allowed.

How fitting that this day falls on Mother's Day this year. You're the boy who made me a mama, Hugo Henry. By some stroke of grace and good fortune, I get to lay claim to some small piece of your heart for a little while.


Paris, Part 1.

Blake and I escaped to Paris this week - a trip we've wanted to take for some time now. In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time prioritizing Hugo, our careers, other responsibilities that keep us healthy, contributive and relatively sane :) But we have always, always stressed the importance of investing in our relationship - travel has been one of the ways that we do that. Adventuring together is one of our truest joys.

And Paris. Paris was magical. 

More to come, but from the first 48 hours: 
a train ride from the airport to Saint Germain, where we stayed here. long wanders through the 4th, 5th and 6th arrondissements (we walked 47 miles in total over 4 days!). a stop for cappuccino at Cafe de Flore. Notre-Dame, in all of its glory. the Pantheon, from top (an amazing view) to bottom (the resting place of Victor Hugo). multiple stops at Maison Kayser for macarons, croissants. dinner at La Jacobine. a drink at Le Berthoud. Musee de l'Orangerie to see Monet's Water Lilies. The Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens. and very little sleep, on the whole.