7 years.

This past week, we celebrated 7 years of marriage. 6 years of dating before that. 1 baby boy, 1 bulldog. a trip to Mexico, France, Italy, St. Thomas, the mountains and the coastline and the deserts of the southwest. a home in the city, by the beach, in a small town. early jobs, just finding our footing, and others that we've settled into and stayed. lots of weddings, babies, lives celebrated along the way. some grieving, too, in our own ways and together. hundreds of phone calls we've made, nights we've sung to our boy, dances we've had in the kitchen. thousands of walks we've taken, meals we've cooked, moments I've given thanks for the feel of your hand in mine. for a name I recognize - a name I love - on a delivery of pink roses.

Happy anniversary, Blake Walker.

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