House Update #1.

Disclaimer: We are only doing a fraction of this work with our own bare hands. We are not Chip and Joanna Gaines, partially because we don't have time to be and partially because I'm not sure waterfall-making when you're 12 and one-time chair re-upholstery (our DIY experience) necessarily qualifies anyone to basically gut an entire house. We have a great team behind this, and about a month and a half from here on out to get it all done. NBD. 

As of early this week, here's where we stand. I know what you're going to say - "It's perfect the way it is! Don't do anything more to it!" ;)
 ^^let me start with what we DID do. Blake and my dad tore out these shrubs and took down broken shutters last weekend. we'll be installing new siding, windows, trim and doors. eventually, I want to put a fence in the backyard and take down the massive tree in the front, but that's probably a spring 2018 project...^^
 ^^this is the master, and we're not doing much to it, aside from painting and putting in new doors, which we're doing throughout the place.^^
 ^^Hugo's room - new paint, new door.^^
 ^^my office - new paint, new door.^^
 ^^this is the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom, taking "open floor plan" to a whole new level! how fun! not really. the wall between the kitchen and bathroom needed to be taken down (mold problems), but we're putting that back up this week. the dividing wall between living and kitchen was also torn down (it will stay that way :)) and a beam was put in the attic for support. we have new floors and a whole new kitchen going in.^^ 
 ^^we're running new flooring down the hall, too.^^
^^and in the bathroom, you can almost see down into the basement (which we plan to finish at some point in the near future).^^
^^last one of the living room, and the fireplace that we'll paint white; we'll also replace the mantle with an unfinished wood.^^

More to come...

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