^^Hugo has been "reading".^^
 ^^Gus struggles to nap anywhere he can, per usual.^^
 ^^I've been seeing a lot of this beautiful place, having dinner with friends, working late.^^
 ^^Hugo and Gus have been spending a lot of time out in the backyard.^^
 ^^and Gus continues to be the cutest dog of all time.^^
 ^^we celebrated a cousin's twins on the way!^^
 ^^Hugo grew brave enough to ride his own carousel animal.^^
 ^^we're spending a lot of time in the kinds of stores that I used to dread going to as a child...^^
 ^^and Blake and I had a late night date after both of us had some work in the city.^^
 ^^we went to the zoo with family to celebrate a birthday.^^
 ^^I've picked up an afternoon coffee habit, which I'm trying to break.^^
 ^^Hugo has been joining me for runs, and loving it.^^
 ^^we joined a small group in New Haven a few months ago, which has 7 other boys Hugo's age. he still prefers popcorn and reading about helicopters to playing with the other kids.^^
 ^^Gus has been my constant companion.^^
 ^^I went to a baby shower where we had this beautiful cake.^^
 ^^and one more from when we were leaving for France (clearly not the return trip).^^
 ^^we've welcomed summer with open arms.^^
 ^^spent some time with Uncle Chris when he was in town.^^
 ^^Hugo learned how to pull his wagon himself - there's no other way for us to travel now.^^
 ^^and I've been coming up to my office's rooftop deck at the start of days in the city.^^
 ^^we (or rather, a construction team) have started work on our house!^^
^^and Hugo is still my baby.^^

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