A July baby shower.

My sister is having a baby girl this September - a prayed for, hoped for, so-dearly-loved-already baby girl. We threw a baby shower in Jillian's honor on Saturday, and spent it with the patchwork of women that have colored her life. How fortunate are we to have communities. How fortunate to add another woman to the bunch.


Paris, for work.

work mixed with play: a cruise down the Seine as the sun was setting (so romantic, I wished Blake and I had done it in May). a wander to Office Depot, salmon ravioli along the way. a press dinner in Montmartre. crepes over laptops. runs across the bridges, through the parks, over cobblestone and past the Eiffel Tower. seeing her again all lit up for Bastille Day, shoulder to shoulder with scores of Frenchmen, and I don't think I'll forget it. 


Blueberry picking.

I took Friday off, and Hugo and I headed out to the fields first thing in the morning before the heat of the day set in. When I was pregnant with him, I ate more blueberries than I care to admit, and I've seemingly passed on the craving. We are kindred spirits where fruit is concerned.

And so we picked, ate, carried our spoils home with us at the promise of cobbler.


House Update #2.

As of today...
 ^^no more red! new windows, new door and no more giant shrubs.^^
^^new tub and tile work (no grout yet).^^
 ^^I wasn't totally sure about the color balance of this tile, but it turned out to be perfect (can be found here).^^
 ^^sheetrocking in the living room.^^
 ^^brand new windows, front door...^^
 ^^...and back slider.^^
 ^^new windows and doors in all the bedrooms, too.^^



from a work trip to French dairy country. two nights in a chateau, a symphony of birds in the morning. a stop at Normandy beaches, monuments, a cidery for a tour and tasting. late dinners of oysters and cheeses and local wine. not enough sleep (is there ever enough?), but views to take your breath away.


A farmhouse in the mountains.

This past weekend, we had our annual reunion weekend with Blake's college roommates. We headed back into the mountains, to a farmhouse with wraparound porch and a small orchard of apple trees just over the hill. We made huevos rancheros, shrimp and grits, s'mores over a fire. There were books read in a window seat and in the library of my dreams. A trip to the lake, a little boy delighted to find that there were trucks for the taking. Long porch hangs, difficult goodbyes. 


Northern Michigan.

a quick flight out and back - for work, for the National Cherry Festival. a couple of early mornings and glorious sunrises. media segments followed by a 7am climb up the Sleeping Bear Dunes. dinner on the peninsula: salmon and local vegetables and a mushroom soup. a tiny toy airplane stowed in my bag on the return trip for a two-year-old I missed.