Cape Cod.

We skipped town this weekend - an early birthday trip for Blake's 30th, a much-needed getaway to the sea. A quick stop in Newport, an overnight in Hyannis on Cape Cod. We spent our days eating Mexican food, wandering three-hundred-year-old streets, and we took a rainy evening boat cruise around Hyannis Harbor with a delighted two-year-old. 

Sunday was for giant pancakes and a trip to the beach, where we built sandcastles and held hermit crabs in our hands only to return them to the tidal pools. I read this when we got home, and I can't say I disagree.What a place to run to.  



The carnival came to town this past week, and we headed over with Hugo one day after work. Our kid is still not wild about the rides he needs to go on solo (for reference, last year), and I love him for it. Much of life is better spent with a friend or two. 



...was spotted fighting crime all over town today. You can sleep soundly. 


Quick visit.

my oldest friends visited the other weekend, and we set out for clam strips, scallops and french fries by the bowl. two of the souls that know mine best, and I'm better for it. better for the french fries, too.