A small reminder.

That each day (the good ones and the bad ones) is a gift, not a given. Full of beauty where we choose to see it. Replete with opportunities to be kind and selfless and honest. Chances to be clever and interesting and engaging, too.

That days come in twenty-four hour increments, and thank God for that. If you could negotiate more or less, you'd drive yourself mad. Time is too smart to play games with us.

That we get all kinds of days. A lemon here and there. Sometimes a whole string of lemons. But there so many very good days: the one when you worked up the courage to say "I love you" (and heard it back!) or the one when you got an unexpected note from an old friend or the one when you floated on your back in the ocean, pregnant belly toward the sky. Very good days. We get a lot of them.

A small reminder, mostly for me. Maybe for you, too.

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