From our weekend.

*we were at least 20 minutes late to every single thing - over-scheduled and over-tired are we.
*we celebrated the life of my dear mama, who is goodness and selflessness embodied, and so deeply loved by her grandbabies (despite what this photo would imply).
*we did more unpacking, more sweeping, more making room for the new and giving care to the old, filling our home with the treasures we've accumulated.
*we walked into town for dinner, a double date with Hugo and Minnie Mouse.
*we wrapped up swim lessons for a boy who still can't swim, still prefers playing with pool toys to sticking his head in the water. and I get it. I do.
*we spent hours in New Haven: stopped by Blake's new office (two big moves at once is such a good idea, you guys!), filled church pews, filled bellies with the pizza and cannolis that the city does so well.
*we spent an evening on the green, listening to the music of Crosby, Stills & Nash as the sun disappeared. chased a two year old in a diaper waving his pants like a flag.
*we spent an afternoon in the company of friends, carrying each other's babies on hips, lighting up the grill, passing sparklers.

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