High line.

Hugo Henry:

This weekend, we took to the High Line - that refurbished strip of jungle and abandoned train track in the heart of Manhattan - and walked the whole of it. We stopped for trains coming in and out of Penn Station. We stopped for art and benches, and so that you could drive your trucks along railings of all kinds.

I held you half the way, which is often how you prefer it. You're too big to be held now, it would seem. Half my size and quite capable of using your own legs. But you are not two forever, and there will come a day when you don't stop in front of me with your hands outstretched. One day, you will be too much a boy to want your mama so, too lanky for me to lift.

Today is not that day, thank goodness, and I am strong enough for this. The best mamas are made of steel and safety in equal parts, I've found.

And I love you so.

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