^^dinner under heaps of ripe grapes, within reach of toddler hands.^^
 ^^the celebration of a milestone for our littlest sister.^^
 ^^carnivals strung through the month of August.^^
 ^^nights on the green.^^
 ^^dates with friends, their new babies.^^
 ^^runs before daylight.^^
 ^^and flowers for a desk.^^
 ^^a cronut, too. miracle of miracles, there was NO LINE at Dominique Ansel's one morning (the first time in years - I kid you not). basically an invitation.^^
 ^^a (still half-asleep) running buddy, when Blake is out of town.^^
 ^^and a hat from Nashville for Hugo when Blake returned.^^
 ^^a dog at the dog park, not playing with dogs.^^
 ^^nights at the nearby playground, with the most beautiful skies.^^
 ^^obligatory seasonal photos.^^
 ^^unbelievably gorgeous sunsets.^^
^^and Gus, still doing what he does best.^^

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