Baby FAQ.

When Blake and I come to milestones and major celebrations in our life, I'm always a little apprehensive about sharing in a public space. Pregnancy, especially, is a deeply personal experience, and while I'm not a private person (surprise!), it's something I hold sacred and feel more comfortable communicating verbally and in a small group format. But my goodness, I'm always so touched by the response from family and friends. It's overwhelming, and we love our tribe.

A few questions I/we have gotten frequently since announcing...

How far along are you? 
15.5 weeks!

You're showing so early! I feel like you didn't show with Hugo until at least 5 months? 
It's true. Muscle memory is a thing, and my abdominal muscles aren't what they used to be. I started looking bloated around 7.5 weeks, and there's no mistaking the bump now. At 10 weeks, the cashier in my office cafeteria actually asked me if I was pregnant - it was pretty hard to hide at that point forward.

Do you know the gender? 
It's a girl! And we're so excited.

Do you have a name picked out? 
Yes and no :) Girl names have been really tough for us. As with Hugo, we want to choose something strong, with a meaningful namesake. From the very first, we want our girl to feel empowered, to know that she's capable and the hero of her story. We have a few names that we're trying out, but nothing set in stone yet.

How does this pregnancy compare to your first? 
Honestly, it's been a much rougher go this time around. I chalk it up to all the extra estrogen (oh my gosh, the nausea), but it probably has something to do with chasing/lifting/carrying a toddler, too. I had a feeling that she was a "she" from the beginning - even before I took a pregnancy test, I got ill just looking at scrambled eggs, which was not the norm with Hugo. That said, I'm still able to run (which actually helps with the nausea) and work, so I really can't complain.

So when are you due? 
May 21 - just two days off from Hugo's due date. If she's anything like her brother, I suspect Baby Girl will be a little early, and they might share a birthday. We can't wait!


From Thanksgiving.

A trip to DC to see family, to pass babies, to give thanks for the blessings we've seen this year, the expected blessings in 2018. Watercress soup to warm bellies and sounds that we've grown up with to satisfy cravings of the soul: piano keys, clinking glasses, familiar voices.

A trip to the zoo to see the lions and ride the carousel. A stop for donuts. A stay on Capitol Hill and long wanders around it, to Eastern Market, the National Mall, the side streets draped in fallen leaves. A 5K to share the feast, to extend community. Bundled to the brim, and ever so thankful for what we've been given, and what we have opportunity (all the time, every day) to give away.


Baby #2!

...expected May 2018, and we're thrilled!



What I will remember of them at this age: all noise and speed, superheroes and ball pits. All six of them under the age of six, and there is chaos everywhere. But when they are teenagers, I suspect there will be nothing I miss so much as the sound of newborns finding their voices, toddlers racing matchbox cars down the hall.


Iron & Wine.

We braved the freezing cold and filled up on Mexican food - veggie nachos, jalapeno cornbread, chili to warm our bones. We sat and soaked in the brilliance of Iron & Wine for hours, nearly cried when they opened with Trapeze Swinger (me) and couldn't get over the perfection of the set (him).

Evenings just us two are farther between than they once were, and we are tired, with heads full of dreams and responsibilities. But he is my favorite to while away the hours with, still, and I am happiest with this familiar hand in mine.


Education for girls in South Sudan (thank you!).

With the support of family and friends (thank you!), we sent two girls in South Sudan to school this year. This week, I ran the 500th mile in honor of these smart, powerful young women, who know what a privilege it is to walk long distances every day for their education. 50 million girls of secondary school age are denied this privilege. Until that changes, we're with She's the First

"We know now that without gender equality and a full role for women in society, in the economy, in governance, we will not be able to achieve the world we hoped for." - Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka


Central Park, November.

I have loved a lot of places almost instantly: Old San Juan in the rain, my great-grandmother's empty ranch in North Dakota, Malibu cliffs lit up by sunset, every cobblestone street in Rome.

My heart aches for only a few, even standing right at the heart of them. Central Park in November is one of those places. I have loved it fully, and never enough.


From the weekend.

We wandered on runs, long walks. Filled our bellies on comfort foods and pizza with my parents. I met up with Loo for tea and to see each other's faces. Spent one evening at a hibachi restaurant - dinner and a show. Turned pages of a book, started new projects. Sat ourselves in pews and put arms around friends. We made our house more a home - with table, pictures hung, candles lit and a big breakfast cooking on the stove.


Living room and kitchen update.

Before (kitchen):
Before (living area):
 Before (dining area):
We came home with our new table yesterday - a refinished chestnut that I'm completely in love with - and suddenly our house has made a near-full transition into a home. Funny what the seemingly little things will do. When we sat around the table for breakfast this morning, I was so, so thankful - for these boys, this home, this life we're building.