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When Blake and I come to milestones and major celebrations in our life, I'm always a little apprehensive about sharing in a public space. Pregnancy, especially, is a deeply personal experience, and while I'm not a private person (surprise!), it's something I hold sacred and feel more comfortable communicating verbally and in a small group format. But my goodness, I'm always so touched by the response from family and friends. It's overwhelming, and we love our tribe.

A few questions I/we have gotten frequently since announcing...

How far along are you? 
15.5 weeks!

You're showing so early! I feel like you didn't show with Hugo until at least 5 months? 
It's true. Muscle memory is a thing, and my abdominal muscles aren't what they used to be. I started looking bloated around 7.5 weeks, and there's no mistaking the bump now. At 10 weeks, the cashier in my office cafeteria actually asked me if I was pregnant - it was pretty hard to hide at that point forward.

Do you know the gender? 
It's a girl! And we're so excited.

Do you have a name picked out? 
Yes and no :) Girl names have been really tough for us. As with Hugo, we want to choose something strong, with a meaningful namesake. From the very first, we want our girl to feel empowered, to know that she's capable and the hero of her story. We have a few names that we're trying out, but nothing set in stone yet.

How does this pregnancy compare to your first? 
Honestly, it's been a much rougher go this time around. I chalk it up to all the extra estrogen (oh my gosh, the nausea), but it probably has something to do with chasing/lifting/carrying a toddler, too. I had a feeling that she was a "she" from the beginning - even before I took a pregnancy test, I got ill just looking at scrambled eggs, which was not the norm with Hugo. That said, I'm still able to run (which actually helps with the nausea) and work, so I really can't complain.

So when are you due? 
May 21 - just two days off from Hugo's due date. If she's anything like her brother, I suspect Baby Girl will be a little early, and they might share a birthday. We can't wait!

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