From 2017.

In January, we saw The Front Page on Broadway and Mike Birbiglia in Hartford, took Hugo to see his first movie in the theater, and spent a Saturday at the beach. We waited on friends' new babies and I started a year-long fundraiser for She's the First. Blake made a trip out to San Francisco for work.
In February, I hosted a Galentine's Day for friends and we saw some wild weather swings. Blake and I had a Valentine's Day date at the opera. Our family celebrated my grandfather's 80th birthday, and I made a trip out to Chicago for work. 
In March, I started training for a half marathon and we started looking at houses to buy. We celebrated a friend's newborn son at Hakkasan, celebrated a birthday at a climbing gym and another at the zoo. Blake made a work trip out to Wisconsin and we watched Toy Story 8 million times. 
In April, we found out that my sister was pregnant with a girl and were visited by family from Missouri. Hugo joined me (in the stroller) for his first 5K race. We celebrated Easter and made a trip down to DC to visit Blake's brother. I went to a wedding shower for a friend.
In May, I ran my first half marathon with friends in Boston and we bought a house! Blake and I spent a week in Paris, drinking red wine, eating macarons and walking many miles. We celebrated Hugo's second birthday with a train party and had dinner with friends in the West Village.
In June, we had farewell dinners for friends and evenings at the beach. We started a major overhaul on our home. We celebrated my 28th birthday, our 7th wedding anniversary and met up with friends for a picnic in the Sheep Meadow. Other celebrations: a baby shower, birthday parties for friends, a wedding in CT. 
In July, I co-hosted a baby shower for my sister. I made a trip back to Paris for work and stayed in a castle in Normandy. We had our annual reunion with Blake's college roommates in the Berkshires and spent evenings around a fire. I made another trip out to Michigan for work, we spent the 4th at the beach, and we moved out of our little yellow house by the river. Gus turned six.
In August, we celebrated Blake's 30th birthday and wrapped up swim lessons for Hugo. After a month and a half of staying with my parents during renovations, we finally moved into our home. We spent a long weekend in the Cape and Newport, met up with friends for seafood, and went to local carnivals and concerts on the town green.
In September, Blake traveled to Nashville for work and brought a cowboy hat home for Hugo. We went to the town fair (twice!) and celebrated the first birthdays of our friends' babies. My brother's wife gave birth to a baby boy. I took a week off to enjoy the last bits of summer with Hugo, and on one Friday morning, took a test that confirmed we have a baby on the way! 
In October, Hugo begrudgingly dressed as Thomas the Train for Halloween. I went to Chicago and Blake went to Vegas for work conferences. We spent a weekend in the city and said goodbye to a dear friend. We welcomed my sister's baby girl and drove north for a day of camping.
In November, we found out that we're having a baby girl! We traveled down to DC for the Thanksgiving holiday and ran a 5K as a family. I finished running 500 miles to send two girls in South Sudan to school (with support from family and friends!), and Blake and I spent an evening in New Haven listening to Iron & Wine.
In December, we spent a good amount of time inside battling sickness, but enjoyed a trip down to Florida for a friend's wedding and Disney World. After some long work days/weeks and a brief trip to Chicago for me, we celebrated the season with friends and family.

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Happy 2018! Wishing you a healthy and blessed New Year!

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