Lately, in December.

 ^^I spy our two-year-old at a Christmas party, reading Winnie the Pooh (this Christmas party had the CRAZIEST bonfire that he's been talking about for the last couple of days).^^
 ^^evening December glow from the office.^^
 ^^and tree stands every ten blocks, that smell like heaven and home.^^
 ^^another Christmas party/30th birthday, at which I earned myself a 24 hour headache.^^
 ^^a little boy bringing his letter to Santa (he's not quite sure what that means yet, but we think it's cute).^^
 ^^and the most beautiful snow one Saturday.^^
 ^^Christmas shopping at the market in Bryant Park.^^
 ^^one blurry photo from the Christmas tree lighting on the town green, which might be my favorite town gathering.^^
^^and some of our girl's first clothes from a dear friend - the kind I will stop to visit even on the longest days, even for just an hour or two.^^

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