Charleston babymoon.

We wandered the lamp-lit Rainbow Row, stopped to smell creeping wisteria along the way. Speculated on life in this house and that, both now and then (100, 200 years ago). Filled up on grits and coconut cream pie - indulged in Husk, Magnolia, Poogan's Porch. Slept in. Took a boat out on the harbor to look for dolphins, nearly froze to death in the process. Marveled at museum artifacts. Picked up small tokens for Hugo, the women who raised us, our baby girl.

And wondered at who she will be, this stirring babe. A lover of history, the coast? Will her face favor mine or her dad's, both or neither? What incredible and simple things will she do with her one wonderful life?


A 90th birthday.

We traveled to DC to celebrate my grandfather on his 90th birthday. Congregated around Italian food, the world's most giant carrot cake and stories of his life. And it was hard to tell which was more beautiful: seeing a family reunited after many, many years, or hearing my grandfather name his blessings one by one - family, marriage, life in all of its ups and downs.


A March wedding.

And with that, all of Blake's college roommates were married - this one under wisteria blossoms on a beautiful March afternoon in South Carolina. We toasted to James and Ashley over biscuits and carrot cake, and Blake joined a surprise choir - a gift to his friend's bride.

We (all of us, the whole lot) have been fortunate in friendship and love.


Magnolia Plantation.

Last Friday, we flew down to South Carolina for a weekend wedding and a short babymoon. We sprung for the convertible - because hey, we're about to be parents for the second time - and headed straight from the airport to a nearby plantation for some morning garden wandering. The breeze was dreamy and the azaleas were in bloom and I'm not sure mornings come more perfect. 



30 weeks.

An accurate depiction of life at this moment: unmade bed in the background, a heap of clothes (possibly dirty) on the dresser, under-eye circles, dog hair almost certainly covering my pants, paperwork for maternity leave and preschool and new car shopping on every surface.

But when friends ask for bump photos, I will happily oblige, background mess and all. We are 30 weeks along now, and there is much to celebrate: the forced rest, the near-constant stirring in my belly, the checked off appointments reporting a clean bill of health for me and baby. These are the days we longed for not so many months ago.

And what I'm most excited for, these days? Seeing our girl with her dad. Secretly and one day, I had always hoped he'd have a daughter - she is fortunate beyond measure to be his.

Also, 31 weeks with Hugo!



 ^^we've been reading books by the dozen.^^
 ^^and making breakfast burritos in the morning (Gus eagerly awaits the leftovers).^^
 ^^we've braved a few winter storms.^^
 ^^made a habit of Friday nights at a local pizza spot where we can also watch the trains.^^
 ^^gone on long walks when the weather is nice.^^
 ^^and started preparing a room for baby girl.^^
 ^^Gus has been taking naps, per usual.^^
 ^^we took Hugo to a kids' concert put on by the New Haven Symphony Orchestra.^^
^^and Hugo proudly graduated to a big boy bed.^^


From the first weekend of March.

*gym with one baby, breakfast with the other.
*errands that we've been putting off: passport photos, bank and hardware store trips, the post office. 
*a stop at the toy store as a little boy's reward for doing so well with potty training. a plastic animal for each hand: "hippo-thomas" and snake. 
*nesting, full force: organizing, folding, bread-making, choosing wallpaper for our tiny girl, who will be here before we know it. 
*lunch with the very best of friends. one who will drive 3+ hours to sit with me for 2. I've said it before and will say it again: I'm not sure who or where I'd be without her. 
*chocolate fondue by night, by the glow of string lights at the local wine bar. 
*a Sunday for church and rest and discussion about the things that are important to us, the adventures we're looking forward to. 

and a quick note to say how thankful I am for the guy who spends hours vacuuming up water in the basement, running out to get yeast (and maybe some ice cream, while you're gone?) for his wife with a sudden homemade bread craving, rubbing feet and making dinner and lifting a toddler, constantly. all while working so, so hard to build and sustain a company. he's a really good one, and we love him a lot.